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Teacher Yang Zaichun talks about the key points of the early calligraphy

2022-07-28 03:53:03Photographic skills

Teacher Yang Zaichun is a calligraphy expert of the older generation , He participated in the founding of the Chinese Calligrapher Association , Is one of the only old people left . His calligraphy was once very popular , Especially in the last century 80 The age is famous , It can be said that it is no less than Mr. Qigong .

I remember that my husband had a book called 《 Cursive composition 》, It's a huge impact , How many people teach themselves calligraphy and take this as a model . Nowadays, many people who write calligraphy don't look down on Mr. Yang . Many people say that Mr. Zhang's style has fallen behind , wait , But anyway, an old gentleman deserves our respect , And he has rich experience , We can learn from many aspects . He has been working at Beijing Sports University , Now it's 70-80 , But I think , Mr. Yang is still hale and hearty , Very powerful .

Today, I brushed on Tiktok that he said three tips for just starting to post . I think it's very interesting , Although common sense is inferior, there is no high opinion , But it is still effective . And a small step for beginners , It may affect for decades , So I also work as a porter here , Let's share .

altogether 3 spot , The first 1 The point is written with Banhao , The first 2 The dot is written with a medium brush , The first 3 It's time to write . Try not to start with small block letters , You can write in regular script or directly in big characters , Then slowly shrink again . The specific requirement is to hang a wrist . The first 1 Point is to use the words of both , Carrot and stick , Easy to get started , The first 2 Point and No. 3 spot , It means that when you first write, you can go from big to small rather than from small to large . The former is natural , The latter is difficult to implement . The three points may not be too abstruse , But it's really good for beginners .

After learning good things, I will communicate them to you in time , Thank you for your attention .

In addition, the first and second pictures of the following examples are Dong Qichang , The remaining three are notes of Mr. Qian Zhongshu that I copied casually , And the last paragraph is the temporary work of Yu Jiao, a female calligraphy anchor . Although it's fancy , But it does have its own style , Such a posting is naturally excellent . I'm just a negative textbook here , ha-ha , Thank you. .

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