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Listen to the voice of mother (long educational Documentary Series 004)

2022-07-28 03:55:07Life journey

However , Zhou Defan still thinks he is just an outsider .

Why is he so attached to the positioning of an outsider in Chinese teaching ?

In Zhou Defan's view , First, it has been said since ancient times “ those closely involved cannot see clearly , lookers-on see most of the game ” Dialectics and paradox of . Just an outsider's posture , Zhou Defan is confident that he has an advantage that insiders cannot have . Although he has not been systematically trained in Chinese education , It may lack more delicate cultural heritage , However , Therefore, there is no traditional tradition and heavy burden , You can let your thoughts fly freely without any restrictions .

what's more , Zhou Defan is a physics major , From a physical point of view , To change the motion state of a thing , It is necessary to resort to external forces . therefore , Zhou Defan thinks : Chinese language teaching is only a so-called internal reform and improvement , Not from the social environment 、 External context 、 Carry out the reform of Chinese teaching from the perspective of cultural ecology , There is no way out for Chinese teaching . The development of Chinese in the past century , Maybe many people have realized , Chinese teaching in the past and Chinese teaching today are in a very embarrassing situation . This finally reminds Zhou Defan of a famous saying of Mr. Lu Xun : No one can leave the earth by holding his hair . To really achieve the purpose of change , Or we must rely on external forces . therefore , As an outsider , Then Zhou Defan will try his best to “ outsiders ” Be good , Really send out the power of an outsider , And concentrate the power of more outsiders outside the language , Engage in great Chinese Teaching Reform . Zhou Defan said :“ We still have time , There are also many possibilities . But if we don't , Don't contribute what we think , Maybe , Constructive remarks on Chinese teaching , It's impossible to appear again .”

For decades, , Zhou Defan went all out to think about Chinese teaching , Use your influence , Engaged in the comprehensive reform of Chinese teaching , Thinking about the painful evolution of Chinese teaching in the historical pattern , On Chinese teaching at the turn of the century, especially in modernity 、 The prospect and meditation of survival and outlet in the context of postmodernism and pluralism .

Now? , Many people fail to realize how Chinese teaching can advance to a deeper level under the background of mother tongue culture .

And the scientific reading project presided over by Zhou Defan , Extend the tentacles of education to this field . In Zhou Defan's words , Engage in scientific reading research , It aims to inspire more students to love their mother tongue , Learn Chinese well , So as to really improve the quality of Chinese education . To be specific , Through scientific reading , Let Chinese children completely eliminate their reading disabilities in the second grade of primary school , So as to realize independent reading in grade three 、 Junior high school students enter the realm of research reading .

This wish of Zhou Defan , In fact, it has been realized in more than 70 children of Wuxi Dangkou Central Primary School and Taizhou Gaogang Experimental Primary School . If we say that Dangkou primary school has solved the task of scientific reading during the transition period between childhood and childhood , that , In Taizhou Gaogang Experimental Primary School , It has successfully solved the task of extended reading in the upper grade of primary school .

Zhou Defan is full of confidence and satisfaction about his subject . There is a , Zhou Defan stands at the head of Baguazhou on the Yangtze River , Standing against the river wind , Facing the mighty Yangtze River , All of a sudden : Yangtze River , It's our mother river , She flows with Chinese culture . And our Chinese and Chinese characters are as old as the Yangtze River .

Study Chinese carefully , Learn your mother tongue well , Aren't you listening to your mother's voice ?

Another topic related to this book .

In this writing process , I have collected more detailed information than in Wuxi Dangkou Central Primary School . When using these materials , I suddenly felt something , School research , For the most part , Or in most cases , It seems that it's just for cosmetic purposes . It is very rare to really gather the strength of a region to carry out a subject research . also , what's more , A topic , It is really like Taizhou Gaogang district to carry out regional promotion and make solid progress , And let the subject and the course be perfectly combined , Topics that benefit students , Less and less .

Zhou Defan once asserted , Dangkou in Wuxi , In Gaogang, Taizhou , Of these more than 70 children , In the future, there will be masters created by our times .

I also think so .

therefore , This is not so much a book to listen to mother's heart , It's more about how the master refined the script .

And the secret script , There is no mystery . It just reminds us to respect common sense , Respect language , Respect our increasingly developing era , such , Our time , Then there will be the masters we expect .

thus , Another important purpose of this book , It is very simple and clear :

It just wants to tell people : This is a real educational topic ; A real educational topic , In fact, it can be carried out in such a simple way .

The author has always regretted that there is no modeling process for scientific reading , Until one day , Teacher Zhou Defan told me :

A true master , There is no set rule . Zhuang Zi's painting doesn't hit Shengmo 、 Not too young “ The tree ”, Are there so-called models and patterns ?

Real courses and classes , Should be open . If it is open , Why should we build a model for it ?

The model is good , Paradigm or not , It will only bind people , It will only restrict people , Instead, teachers' creativity in curriculum research and project research cannot be brought into play ……

Chinese language and literature , There is no definite method , There is no definite way of teaching , The most important thing is to get the method . The law is free , Law naturally , It can't be done , It is the highest realm of Dharma .

teaching of language and literature , Take it as such . " , Only in this way can we really enter the world of Chinese , Can we really promote Chinese , Revitalize Chinese ……

The meaning of Chinese , More people may not realize . As an outsider, Zhou Defan , But point out one point profoundly :

Love your mother tongue , Learn Chinese well , In order to improve the quality of Chinese education !

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