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2022-07-28 04:01:09Photography

In memory , About three 、 Forty years ago , Invite guests to a social activity at home , Is to take out a thick photo album , Invite guests to look through , From time to time, introduce the background of the character or interesting anecdotes about this person .

Such a scene has not reappeared for many years , So that everyone took photos with their mobile phones , Then transfer the phone to the hard disk , Connect with the electronic screen through the hard disk , Become an electronic photo frame .

But because of taking too many photos , It is difficult to select excellent works from them , So thousands of photos have to be put in , Loop Playback , Day night cycle . The problem is , We are in such behavior , What did you get ?

Why do people look at photos , What's the photo ? Why share photos with others , What is the mechanism behind it ? Actually , No matter how the times develop , Photos are a kind of information , Since ancient times, human beings , Like to share information with others .

Even now we enter the era of we media and digitalization , Photos are the carrier of people and things , In essence, it carries the functional changes and three 、 Forty years ago, there was little change .

In the mass of photos , There is another question worth pondering , Where do these photos end up ? Do you also follow “ The dear one is gone and the chamber remains deserted ”,“ Living in a bad space ” Idea , Or is it permanent , Become a proof that the tiny dust comes from the world ? Massive photo information , Where is it currently stored , What is their fate ?

At present, I store photos with the help of merchants , For example, pay to the cloud , Save photos . Another way is to follow the principle of putting eggs in different baskets , Spread the risk of losing photos , Buy some mobile hard disks , Save the same photo .

Modern technology turns taking photos into a piece of work , But the whole system engineering of taking photos is not simple . Taking pictures 、 Storage 、 Fix the picture 、 Touch up 、 classification 、 Screening 、 review 、 Safety and so on. .

With the great expansion of the number of photos , The resulting workload also shows an exponential growth . The final result , Just a lot of photos , Become invalid data , Be annihilated in the vast ocean of data .

It can be compared with similar , The same is true of text messages .

More broadly , Those videos and audio , Also faced with complex systems engineering . therefore , Information follows generation 、 modification 、 Touch up 、 preservation 、 review 、 Safe steps .

All concerns , Can be reduced to one problem , Trillions of information generated by human beings , What's the future ? Who will decide which information will be retained in the future , What information is discarded .

Even if all human information is preserved , What information can be remembered , What information will never appear again . Information that cannot be read , Information that no one reads , Just like zombies .

In the process of scientific and technological development, we must come up with ways to store all the data , For individuals , How can one's own information be used in the long river of history , Was found to be , Create a little value , It seems very important .

Science and technology writer Wu Jun once said , Doctoral Dissertation , It should be able to leave its own brick for the human knowledge wall , As the purpose of reading , It has profound meaning .

Of course, some people will say , Photo 、 written words 、 Audio 、 video , The so-called information , In fact, it doesn't exist now . People don't live in the world to leave any value . All my life , Have a good time , Live happily , Why not ?

Not all existence has to be meaningful , Not everyone should pursue meaning .

There are no thousands of valleys in my heart , Live your life happily , It's not easy , Why think about those grand themes , Close your eyes , It's over .

The world is originally diversified , One person's ideas cannot be imposed on another person . But for those who want to create a little value , My advice is , Cherish the information you produce , Whether it's pictures 、 written words 、 Audio or video .

In every retained information , We should make our values output stably . People can't be different in different information , Keep information consistent , The probability of being screened is higher .

This is how I teach my children , Not only words and deeds are consistent , And try to be in all kinds of information , Keep information consistent . You in the picture , It should be you in the text , It should also sound like a person , You in the video .

There are many celebrities , Collapse of people , At the end of the day , It's because we don't realize the consistency of information , People are different from their predecessors , There is a big difference between the light and the dark , Eventually the information crashed , Become waste in information .

Information first , Material second , Hope to share with you .

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