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Walk into Lishan

2022-07-28 04:05:06Photography

Panshan road

Set off to Lishan with the heat of summer

At an altitude of 2600 Lishan temperature of meters 20 Around centigrade

A good place to take a vacation. Enjoy it all the way

The mountain is getting closer

The temperature is getting colder

It's a double heaven of ice and fire

Under the hot sun, sweating like rain

Walking into the mountains and forests, there is no sunshine

I feel a little cold

Just enjoy the scenery all the way

Through mountains and mountains

I realized that there is still a mountain high

The mountain road turns in circles around the peak

From time to time, I saw monkeys jumping in the trees

Dense woods, green mountains and green waters

Walk into Lishan and nature

Taking pictures of beautiful scenery all the way

Picturesque, like a fairyland

Clouds and mists are winding the hillside

I can't tell whether it's cloud or fog

Vegetable fields on pear hill

Lishan and his party felt the charm of nature

The natural beauty is shocking

I can't help shouting

Hello, Lishan

I'm coming

The morning on pear hill

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