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Why do women wear high heels

2022-07-28 04:14:16Life journey

Today, I took the elevator with my male colleagues , He joked , I always don't understand , Why do you women like to wear high heels , Not tired? ?

This is a little secret . I learned 《 Disney's The Lion King 》 Risingba said .

The female colleague next to him answered curiously , Can you not be tired ? This is not for beauty , Bear the pain to wear .

I haven't heard that wearing high heels all day is not tiring , Whether it's pointed , Round headed , Thick heel , Thin heeled , Which one to wear for a day , The feet are being tortured . Think about it , Whose feet have offended , Have to be tortured back and forth by all kinds of high heels .

Light people are oppressed , If it's serious, it will break the skin 、 Grinding bleeding , I saw my colleagues wearing fishmouth shoes that day , Thumb grinding blisters , Scream with pain , People always think that this kind of shoes is not good , Just change another one .

In fact, high heels are appreciation products , Beauty is greater than use .

however , I still admit , Wearing high heels is really beautiful , Just wear it occasionally , I can't wear it every day .

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