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2022-07-28 04:15:43Photography

At the invitation of a friend , I have been their tour guide for several days .

Said it was a tour guide , It's just the inconvenience of friends , I just do more chores for them , Three or five people with the same frequency , Beautiful scenery, delicious food, beauty , Xi xi ha ha , stop-and-go , How happy !

In Deqing , Enjoy the story of bamboo sea and old villa ; At the mouth of the pot , see “ The water of the Yellow River rises from the sky , Running to the sea and never returning ” Ten thousand horses gallop, and the momentum of thunder is overwhelming ; In Taiyuan , Look at Jinci Museum, the earliest Royal sacrificial garden in China ,“ Destiny uncle Yu , Died in the Tang Dynasty . Tongxi is already cut , Hefen is barren .” In the dark , Everything has its own destiny .

This morning, , Get up early , Take a bus from Taiyuan South Railway Station to Wutai County , The entire 3 More than a hour ,37 Yuan , Take the wrong bus , I don't care , After all, what travel needs is process and mood , Not the results and answers .

Next, take a small train or charter , We had a discussion , The small train is too troublesome , Chartered cars are too expensive , But never walk , That's unrealistic , Finally decided to charter , Once and for all .

When you step into Wutai Mountain , The whole person's feeling has changed , I feel refreshed , The wind is clear and cool , Itch your heart ; The air is clear , It's refreshing ; The sky is so blue , Thorough heart , Dotted with clouds as white as flocs , Ripples in the heart sea , Unconsciously, tears soaked the eyes .

Buddha warms my tired heart .

Inside and outside the temple , Cigarettes curl around , There is a mystery everywhere 、 A solemn atmosphere . Groups of people came with piety and confusion , Come and go , Many people burn incense and worship Buddha , Kneeling devoutly , Praying .

I also prayed devoutly for the protection of God and Buddha , Like many people , I came with a chaotic heart , Give your heart to Buddha , May the Buddha purify himself .

Throughout Wutai Mountain , The mountains are stacked , River Valley crossflow 、 The trees cover the green , Basins and mountains crisscross , Monasteries and temples set off each other , Strange peaks and cliffs 、 Tall and straight ancient pines and cypresses 、 Filled with ups and downs of fog, clouds and mountains 、 The magnificent buildings and terraces and larch trees covering the mountains have built a beautiful world !

As Li Bai said : Keep it for a long time, autumn and moon are bright , The heart is like the green lotus in the world . Pure in mind , Angular appearance , No reduction , Nor increase .

Because I came earlier , We worship Eight Temples , Step by step, kowtow , Pious and humble , Guanghua temple also has vegetarian meals , Meager food is the most comforting thing , We are warm .

On the way down the mountain , Looking back at Wutai Mountain , There is a heavy power in my heart , It's about being strong 、 good 、 The power of faith .

Wuye Temple

Xiantong temple

Bodhisattva Top

Guangren temple

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