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Exquisite spiral spoon? Don't buy this kind of thing

2022-07-28 04:35:00Photography

Clam spoon

A few years , There has been too much change , The material of this spoon should be clam shell , I used to play in the manor , There are complete oversized clams , Later I heard that the arrest was banned , After this kind of clam shell has been Yuhua , It's very beautiful , It can be made into all kinds of jewelry , ornament , And decorations , Even the four treasures of study ......

“No buying,no killing!” I think it's right , As long as it is contained from the source , No one buys it , There is no such thing as being caught , Or commit a crime against the wind , But to survive , For the benefit of , Many people still do this .

relatively speaking , I think pearls that can be cultivated artificially are much better , But to be honest , When the Pearl was taken out of the clam shell , It is also shocking , I saw it with my own eyes in a large shopping mall when I was traveling , At that time, I felt that these little things were also suffering .

Trifoliate hand string

I bought pearl bracelets on Tiktok , Only once , I think it's pretty , And it's really more expensive to buy it on tmall , Just bought a few , But I haven't worn it much since , The reason is that I like Bodhi better , Little red sandalwood , These wooden , Hand string of stationery and entertainment .

Now think about things you don't wear often. It's best not to buy them , If you have nothing to do, it's better to buy more books and read them [ Shyness ]

I like the beauty of trifoliate , Appreciate its uniqueness , But that's enough , Don't always think about taking it for yourself , There are so many beautiful things in the world , It's satisfying to enjoy it quietly , It's enough , You really don't have to possess , Even destroy ......

May all good things be understood and cherished by the world [ heart ]

Trifoliate ornaments

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