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Children accompanied by mobile phones

2022-07-28 05:22:16Life journey

My married niece hasn't returned to her mother's house for threeorfour years because of the epidemic , This year, I finally drove back with my son . Son Haohao 7 Year old , Get fat for nothing , Everywhere is full of meat , Young age , You have a belly , Walking is dragging .

Hao Hao and my two girls are very predestined , Call me to stay at my house . I'm worried about whether he is used to it in a strange environment , Niece said that as long as there is food, drink and mobile phone , Don't worry, . therefore , My niece drove him here , I bought three bags of snacks : Potato chips , Spicy strips , Jelly , Buns , Plus a milk and a Durian . Hao Hao came with his cell phone in his hand , To be exact , I can't get away from it .

The first meal that came to my house last night , I asked him what he wanted to eat , He said he wanted to eat fried rice with eggs . I'll ask the rest of the family , I'm not hungry , Just take him to the street to buy one . To the snack bar , I'm going to offer her fried rice with eggs , He looked at the food sign , Because I don't know words , He asked me what else I had , I read him the menu . I heard beef noodles , Immediately say eat beef noodles , I didn't expect this little Cantonese guy also likes noodles .

While waiting for dinner , He kept playing games with his mobile phone , all eyes , Look attentive , Mental excitement . When the noodles come up , I'll choose a small bowl for him first , He didn't seem to hear , Or play his game . It's urgent , Take a bite , Say let him finish that game . Finally, it ended in failure , Start eating formally , I took a few bites , Just say it's not delicious , Pickled cabbage tastes too strong . I asked him what to eat , He said to eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes . I had to buy a piece of white rice and go back , Go home and make scrambled eggs with tomatoes .

I usually make scrambled eggs with tomatoes , Always cut the top of the tomato into flower knives and scald it in boiling water , First, it is easy to peel , And then the fried tomatoes are bright red , It seems to have an appetite . Add some sugar , The taste is very delicious . After cooking, the boy tasted two mouthfuls and said it was not delicious , It's too sweet , It's different from her mother's cooking . alas , I'm going to live in vain . I asked him what he ate when he was hungry , He said to eat snacks . Then climb to bed and start playing games , While playing, he made an excited cry , Two little fat legs kept plopping .

I really admire this boy's energy , Play during the day , My eyes don't feel tired , Continue to play in the evening , Her mother said when adults go to bed , He can stay up until . Put your cell phone at the head of the bed when you sleep , Open your eyes and get it in your hand , Eating and going to the bathroom are also inseparable . Eat chicken and the peace elite have a good time , This is really a child who grows up with a mobile phone . It's cool these two days , I wanted him to come out for activities , But I can't shout at all . The air conditioner is blowing , The game is playing , Drink , Eating snacks , That's a pleasure !

alas ! I usually don't let my children play with mobile phones , I didn't expect that this guy had been in deep trouble before he went to primary school , I don't know what will happen after school , Can you quit your addiction to mobile phones immediately ?

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