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Luminous night

2022-07-28 05:22:53Photography

@ Light poetry burns dreams He said that where his fingers could not see, there was a painful moonlight holding the baton under the past misfortune , Timberwolves and snakes haunt

This may be God's arrangement , Grinding the poet into dry firewood, there is the kick gas of bamboo suppressed by dark stones, and there is the pale dry well covered with snow in winter, but the dry firewood burns , The burly shadow should flash freely

All this is a mysterious Ode to the superstar's river , Wade through pebbles 、 The torrent makes the gift of gold an eternal forgiveness for the dark days , Forgive the dry birth and the dusty scenery , Forgive the memory island that hit the rock, forgive your shadow , Strive to grow for this immortal light

God, you also live in the barren wilderness. Don't ask the hunter the meaning of survival. He may not have a gun , You don't have any equipment or even the right to move freely, but when the horses come , His eyes opened and countless lights magnified infinitely , Become the dominant God


【 Epilogue 】 He loves light , Love poetry , Unfortunately, he suffered from frostbite , Can't speak normally , You can even use one ring finger of your right hand to painstakingly click out a word on the soft keyboard . He illuminated his way with the light of poetry , It also brings warmth to everyone , He , It's Benxi, Liaoning Zhaoxijun of Huanren , The name of wechat is Guang , The name of Jian Shu is light poem burning dream .

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