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Delicate flowers

2022-07-28 08:51:31Photography

There is a large grass slope in front of the door of my hometown , It is a paradise for sheep herding and chasing when I was a child , It is also the source of memory after leaving home .

Every time I go back to my hometown, I will go to the hillside intentionally or unintentionally , Whether the grass slope is green in summer , Or the snow in winter .

This year, the weather is particularly dry , The grass on the hillside doesn't grow very well , In addition, there are cattle and sheep grazing , The grass on Caopu is not as lush as in previous years .

But it happened to rain that day when I went back to my hometown , The hillside is full of fresh green , The air is filled with the fresh smell after the rain , Very nice .

Look at the delicate flowers dotted in the grass , Everyone is in high spirits , Move with the wind , It's nice to walk in it !

A wild flower

Two wild flowers

Many wild flowers

The hillside in front of the door

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