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2022-07-28 11:40:45Photography

        Summer evening , The sky is dim , The cool breeze on the Bank of the stream sends refreshing .

        On the big square, some parents led the children to fly kites : Xi xi ha ha , race each other , So busy .

        Children are holding kites made of bamboo sticks and oil paper , Hold the top and both sides of the kite with both hands , Hold it high above your head ; Parents hold spools , Set out slowly ; When the time is right , Immediately tell the children to let go , The kite rises with the wind , issue “ Sobbing ” The sound of , Flying in midair ; Parents will teach their children to run , Side take-up and setting out .

        Some parents have a tacit understanding with their children , The kite flew successfully , Fly for a long time . Some parents and children have tried several times , It's not that you failed to fly a kite , Is to fly into the air and fall down , They sighed ! Some children choose to make persistent efforts ; Some children chop their feet , Out of temper , Unwilling to continue .

        Kites in midair : Have soft wings 、 Umbrella shaped 、 Long string 、 Bird pattern 、 Colorful bird pattern 、 Bats 、 Phoenix pattern, etc , resplendent with variegated coloration , Smart and beautiful . The cool wind blows into the bamboo whistle , It's like the playing sound of Zheng , It's beautiful .

        This scene , stirring . We look up , appreciate , Eager to ……

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