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The wind blows the wheat waves

2022-07-28 11:47:21Photography

June drizzle , In July

The ears of wheat lowered their heads , Facing the wind in the mountains

When we looked around , Rolling wheat fields

With heavy summer fruits ……

The sun hid secretly in the distant sky

Inky clouds filled the sky , Look at the wind blowing wheat waves

Blowing to the distance where you and I want to go

Ten thousand mu wheat fields , Tiangui life in hope

How long have you not let go of the trivial things around you

Full of complaints , Walk like a corpse

Forgetting life in a hurry also needs a rest

See thousands of landscapes , The heart has gone through hundreds of vicissitudes

Go with the wind and feel free to miss it all the time

The harvest of life is as humble as a grain of wheat

When you are happy , Sway in the wind

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