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Not optimistic

2022-07-28 12:02:16Literary FM

With the arrival of hot weather , The epidemic is likely to make a comeback . A neighborhood committee issued a notice : Have enough at home 14 Heavenly food .

Two days before , Another positive patient appeared in the alley next to it . Many stores nearby were forced to close , It's said that it's a close connection, and it needs to be isolated for two days .

Now we have to do nucleic acid all except Sunday , Tuesday 、 Nucleic acid will also be done twice on Wednesday , That is, big screen .

Recently, the yellow warning of high temperature has been constantly , The highest temperature has climbed to 40 degree . This year's high temperature came early , The number of days with high temperature will not be less .

High temperature is not terrible , The terrible thing is the capricious epidemic , I can't stand it .

I hope the hot weather will pass soon , I hope the epidemic will end soon .

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