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Red dust diary: July 12, 2022

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Out of the window

WuJie school year IP Camp punch card No 190 God ,1538 word , Cumulative 240237 word 】

Grass and wood are all soldiers many times , I no longer believe , The rainstorm will come , I thought , Every heavy rain will walk around Jinan . however , Last night , Jinan had a night , It took another half an hour in the morning .

I had breakfast with Mr. Mu , I didn't take this rain to heart . however , I wear sandals , It is convenient to step on the water , By the way, I persuaded Mr. Mu to change his slippers .

I still remember the last rain , There's not much rain , But it's urgent , We ride electric cars on the Second Ring Road South , Was splashed with water by the car riding the wind and waves . My colleague stepped into the puddle , I spent a day in wet shoes .

therefore , This time, , We decisively chose another route . Because we live on the slope , In limine , We didn't care much , I ran about three kilometers , See ponding , Frightened, ride through . however , After a traffic light , We seem to step into the ocean .

All you can see is water , Electric cars are all gathered together , No one dares to ride , The car passed slowly , Water grows on both sides “ Wing ”, Tell the truth , I'm a little confused . Watching the water slowly overflow the bus stop , We decisively left the electric car on the roadside highland , Change to bus .

The bus is also overcrowded , We took a two-stop bus , It doesn't go . Because our way to work is a long slope , As the terrain gets higher and higher , The water is gone , It's just that the traffic is getting more and more blocked . Ten minutes passed , The bus did not move , therefore , We got off the bus again , Decided to walk .

On the sidewalk that has just rained , A layer of golden locust rice fell , Walking on the road , There will be showers “ Huaihua rain ” The feeling of . according to the understanding of , Now the flowering is Sophora japonica , Bud has “ Sophora japonica ” Known as the , It can be used as medicine . The kind that blooms in April and may is Robinia pseudoacacia .

There are many varieties of locust trees , Robinia pseudoacacia has thorns , The flowers are white , Flowering in April and may ; And Sophora japonica has no thorns , The flowers are yellow and white , The aroma of Sophora japonica is not as strong as that of Robinia pseudoacacia , The flowering period is in July and August . For the unopened buds of Sophora japonica , Because its shape is as small as a grain of rice , People call it “ Sophora japonica ”, This is a kind of traditional Chinese Medicine . There are great individual differences in Sophora japonica , Some spend more , Some spend less , But generally speaking , One diameter 20 Centimeter national Sophora tree , Harvest 3 to 5 Jin of dried Sophora japonica rice is no problem .

Mr. Mu and I walked in the rain of Sophora japonica , Just saw the notice saying , If you are late today, your salary will not be deducted , So I relaxed my mood . As it comes , Is that Ann . here , drizzle , The temperature is right , This gave me an illusion of spring .

This road , When I didn't move two years ago , Many times . At that time , I walk forty or fifty minutes to work , Listen to books and watch scenery on the way , I don't feel tired .

today , Mr. Mu went to the customer's factory , Happened to be on my way . We talked and laughed, but we didn't feel that the road was far away . Look at the circle of colleagues and friends , Some colleagues take the bus , After walking two kilometers for a full hour, it hasn't arrived yet . I have to be glad , It's wise to walk and ride .

The building under construction two years ago has turned into a beautiful residential district , The mountains in the distance gradually lifted up water mist , It looks ethereal . The roadside drainage ditch is blessed by the rainstorm , Suddenly, there is the momentum of dam flood discharge , The drainage pipe of the high building also made a guest appearance “ fountain ”, The water flows merrily . There are also cars that may have crossed the water , Completely lying on the side of the road , The owner had no choice but to set up a red warning sign on the roof .

Mr. Mu pointed out to me as he walked , The hillside over there is where he used to practice driving . The place where she practiced her car was on a big slope , supposedly , I can see it from the window of the office building , unfortunately , I am short-sighted , I haven't seen him driving once .

Climb another big slope , I finally arrived at the company . A total of ten kilometers to work , I walked out “ Tang's monk scriptures ” The feeling of . Come to the office , I'm still tied for the first place , The first two colleagues didn't bring their keys , Keep waiting at the door .

After nine , Colleagues came one after another . Only one colleague can't get out of the community , It is said that the water in the community has reached above the knee . I listened to him before , Because the drainage of the community is not smooth , I have been defending my rights . It seems , Housing directly affects people's sense of security ! A community that fears when it rains , Still have to be careful . Colleagues said , Change rooms when it clears up .

All day , The sky outside the window , changeable , Prone to , Until the end of work , The sky has the meaning of clearing up . Pity my electric car “ Small blue ” And “ Little black ” Abandoned by us on the roadside , It rained all day , I don't know if I got wet .

I arrived at the joint with Mr. Mu , Decided to ride a shared electric car to pick up “ Small blue ” And “ Little black ” get home . A rain , Buses become less and slower , Cycling is also a good choice .

At the place where the car was abandoned in the morning , In the morning, there was a row full of cars, leaving only two of us alone . I put in the key , It can drive normally , That's great .

Back to home , I cooked a pot of steaming wonton , We both ate contentedly , This stormy day , It's over .

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