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A powerless world

2022-07-28 12:02:27Literary FM

I sprout from the soil

Want to turn the world upside down

The vanity in the dream came out of the moonlight

When pain exhales from your teeth

The little man in the story cried

A difficult slough

Tell this that the end of life is underground

No matter how big the sky is, there is no need for crawling snails

The agreed rules are wrong, right or wrong

Freedom seems to have become an empty shell of dignity

When the whispers of the sea floated in the legend

My heart is beating and struggling

Blood told me the lesson of the world

The old tradition gnaws at the rules

Order is left to stakeholders

When I looked down, I took a last look at the distance

Broken life calls for rotten soul

This cry will fall at the feet of laughter

Supreme ignorance pervades morality

There is only black and white in the ordinary world

Warmth is forged into a sword in the cold world

Who wants me to live bravely

But I lost my confidence and committed suicide

Nothing is like a false fireworks

When I see tomorrow

Is there still a sun rising behind the moon

Let me be the last stubborn

Guard the lonely stone tablet —— Burning memory

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