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Freedom in Li Ao's speech

2022-07-28 12:03:09Photography

I had a look at it yesterday 10 Years ago, Li Ao made speeches at Peking University and Xiamen University , Li Ao posted his banned book list , Yes 10 Meters long . He said that his book was repeatedly written and banned , Repeated prohibition and writing , Most of them ended up in yellow bookstores , Some people think that the yellow book was bought by mistake and mistakenly became his reader . Later his book was allowed , He also became good friends with people who banned other books , Also became a scolding friend .

In his speech, Li Ao mentioned freedom , He said that human beings have no real freedom , Freedom comes from the heart , Inner freedom , All freedom . However , A thorough understanding of the world requires profound knowledge and insight , wisdom . Of course, when the freedom we pursue goes against the state machine , Will be crushed .

Li Ao said that he no longer listed the pursuit of freedom as his goal in life . however , I think Mr. Li Ao may have forgotten to summarize , Death is true freedom . Isn't he very free ? Everything is empty. . Don't want to , Do not read , Don't hate , Don't love , Don't scold .

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