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Bur Oak Tree

2022-07-28 12:10:26Photography


Russ Recently, I like planting trees , There are pictures as evidence !

Shrimp tail

Since last time Russ The relationship is over , He likes to transfer his feelings , Then I listed five major items :

1、 Have a camera , The implemented

2、 Hold a personal exhibition , Still preparing

3、 Keep two cats , A dog , The implemented

4、 Pick up the guitar , Talk about life

5、 go on a journey

I think the last item , It's hard for him to achieve , I have taught Chinese for so long , He can only say a few simple words , Hello , Did you have breakfast? , noodles , What's the weather like today? !

The process of growing up

Waiting is a long process , I remember reading a passage , It is very consistent Russ Life now .

“ A really interesting man , He should know how to repair the lawn , Plant a potted flower patiently , Feed a tank of fish , Make a wooden bookshelf by hand , Or cook a pot of soup . He focused on his work , And unique , Use your life to do right and good things .”——《 In the prime of life 》

15 Days later

People who know how to look inward at their lives , Not too bad luck , Take time to live in poetry , It's not impossible ;

It looks quite appetizing , According to my appetite , At least three plates , Don't look at me thin , But it can be eaten !

Two cats

Russ I like cats very much , It's OK to hold the kitten all day !

It is said that men who like cats have high looks , And emotional delicate , Soft inside ;

Russ Actually, I don't like socializing , Compared with going out , Instead, he would ask a friend to shoot on location in the jungle , Go home and play bass , Record a song , Write an essay !


He will also write some opinions and understandings about love , I will discuss two sentences in my spare time , He has very few recreational activities , Like me, I like staying at home ;

I? , Like to write some words , Make a general record of people and things that have happened recently , I will also take some photos to share with him ;

My vision is a sea of flowers , Can't , I can't walk when I see flowers , Every time 7 This month is the season , Little daisies will bloom all over the mountains , Once wanted to pick it home and put it in a vase , Finally, I gave up my idea ;

The term of office naturally opens in the spring breeze ,Russ Say this is the feedback of nature , Born in heaven and earth , Hide in heaven and earth , Falling leaves !

Sometimes I feel Russ, Special feeling , Like Daiyu burying flowers in the dream of Red Mansions ;

Flower field

Little Daisy

The former residence

The stream

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