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Almost, ma'am

2022-07-28 12:21:26Life journey

There is a plain lady —— Almost, madam .

Born that year , She was almost in a hurry 9 month 1 Before . That's why it's almost , she 6 How old is it 7 I entered grade one at the age of . So that from then on , She is almost the oldest girl in the class . Maybe that's why , In junior high school, she became a good helper for the head teacher and life teacher , Full time management of all girls in the class in urgent need of sanitary cotton . Girls of that age , I'm still shy about this , Also quite ignorant . It is often when things come to an end that I secretly come to her , Quietly attached to the ear canal ,“ Um. , Um. , Do you have that ? I ~ My pants seem to be dirty .”“ Do you have that ? Wang Jing asked me to give her a lift to the bathroom .”……

During that time , She seems to have become the busiest student . I often see her running between the life teacher's office and the women's toilet with a black plastic bag . That's why , Three years in junior high school , She dismantled countless tampons . She also shortened the distance with all the girls in the class because of the pieces of sanitary cotton that she handed out , At the end of the term, people often vote , She will be elected as an excellent class cadre with the overwhelming majority of advantages .

The end of nine-year compulsory education , She almost got into the municipal key high school , Finally, it exceeded the admission line 8.90 I chose another high school with good grades . Three years in high school , While she studies hard , Also taking into account the work of the school student union , Minister of propaganda , Female minister . At the critical juncture of senior three , Almost before the college entrance examination , She made another decision that almost ruined her whole life —— Drop out of school . Despite the repeated requests of teachers and students , She resolutely set foot on the southbound train .

Take the train to Guangzhou , Then she transferred to Shenzhen . More than a week of intensive training ,1 Introduction fee of more than 1000 yuan , But because of anemia , One round of physical examination failed and was brushed down . almost , It's just that close ,2005 That spring afternoon in , She was rejected by Foxconn . Walking in a strange city , Hold what's left in your pocket 10 Here 's a dollar , almost , She was almost on the street . Watching it get late , She just remembered the note with the telephone number of the introducer written in the bag , So she quickly contacted the other party by public phone . On the phone , She pleaded repeatedly with the other party , Soft and hard bubble , Finally let the other party promise to return her 800 Yuan of introduction fee .

Guess well 800 Yuan introduction fee , She got on the bus to Foshan , Because I just called home to report safety , Her cousin is there .

Roaring machines , Flying sawdust , This is the wood mill where my cousin works . Looking at her sudden arrival , They were all surprised , Overnight, I entrusted someone to find a relationship , Got her a job in a shoe factory .

Interview day , There are so many people . She followed the line , All the way forward , Fill in the form 、 Hand in the form , Follow the leading personnel into the factory for interview . All of a sudden , A few pieces of paper flew past my eyes , She quickly stooped forward and picked it up , Take a look , It turned out to be the application form they just filled out . therefore , After she sorted the forms , Give them back to the personnel walking in front of the team . Just because of her little act , Just because the tables she picked up were almost blown away by the wind , She was hired , And was arranged in the relatively idle warehouse management department . Day by day , She became familiar with the people and things around her . Just when she almost became a regular , The sudden confession of a male colleague , She was overwhelmed . Hesitated again and again , She chose to escape again , Submitted an application for resignation .

HR was the same person interviewed at that time , Received her resignation application , Puzzled on the face ,“ Why not do it ? Do you know how many people are jealous of your position ? Don't work so hard on the assembly line , You don't have to work overtime every day , The salary is not much less than theirs , The key is how clean the warehouse is , I don't know how comfortable it is compared with the workshop .”“ Yes , I know all this , I'm also very grateful for your care , But it's really not the reason for work , It's my personal reason , I want to try another environment .” That's it , She narrowly missed the street again , After all, many years later , The leather shoes factory where she was working , It has become a well-known brand in China .

almost , That's it , It's almost that women often brush the street with success , That's it , The lady almost lived her poor life , Live like someone else's eyes .

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