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Use the lens to record Baiyun Airport!The Red Roof of Renhe Town in Guangzhou Attracts National Photography "Enthusiasts"

2022-07-29 14:58:25Guangzhou News

The house demolition work of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Phase III Expansion Project is in full swing,Villagers in the villages involved in land acquisition and demolition in Renhe Town, Baiyun District will move away from the homes where their ancestors lived for generations,Start a new life in a new home.不过,have many memories,They want to stay forever in their minds.For Li Bo, who lives in Hantang Village,What he wants to keep most is the figure of the plane taking off and landing in front of the door.

The old man in Hantang became a celebrity in the photography circle because of the perfect shooting location

今年75Year-old Li Bo is an ordinary old man in Hantang Village, Renhe Town.,What sets him apart from other old men in the village is that,他还是一名“网红”,especially in photography,He even became popular all over the country.让他成为“网红”It's his roof,This is a great location for photographing airplanes,Attract photography enthusiasts from all over the country to come here.

Li Bo's house is located on Hantang West Street,The reporter based on the house number and mobile phone number he left on the wall of the alley,找到了他,And follow him to the roof of the house, which is the best spot for airplane photography in the eyes of photography enthusiasts.

This is an unrenovated rough house,Li Bo said,The room was built in the last century90年代末,Built for two sons,In the beginning, it was because I didn't have the money to renovate.,Later is heard to split,So there has been no decoration.The line of sight of the roof is open,Airport runways and terminals are not covered,一览无余.屋顶面积50多平方米,Set the canopy,Also equipped with tables and stools、桶装水等,Install a few fan,Two simple wooden frames are also built on the fence,Used for temporary replacement lens, etc.记者赶到时,There are already two groups of photographers squatting and watching the sunset above..

Brother Hui and his partner are shooting on the roof of Uncle Li's house for the third time..“I learned about it from a friend's recommendation more than a year ago,fell in love with,Satisfactory photos taken every time.”Brother Hui said,Not only did they bring photographic equipment this time,Also brought tea,一边喝茶,While waiting for the shooting time.

Another group of photographers is a mother and son,Came here from Beijing to take the plane.Son Xiaoye's first day of the new year,自称是一名“little flying friend”,more than just photography,also a plane“发烧友”.As soon as Xiao Ye got to the roof, he immediately set up his camera,开始拍摄,For a plane that can be photographed so close,Xiao Ye is very excited.“There are several models of aircraft that I want to shoot,Hope I can get,特别想拍A380.”Xiao Ye said,He learned about Li Bo's house as an excellent shooting spot from the Internet,It didn't disappoint him.

Cooperate with expropriation,Cherish the days when you can watch planes

Li Bo, who turned the roof into a photo spot, is actually an airplane“发烧友”,Since after moving to and at the airport,On the right place,Leisure to watch planes to be his biggest hobby.daily observation,Let he knew all about the plane at the airport,What type of plane is bound for each country?,Departure time,Have you stopped flying these days?,Li Bo understands it clearly.

“It was the first time I received someone to take a photo of a plane on the roof.2017年,A photographer from Beijing took a fancy to the location of my home,Hope to be able to shoot there,拍完后,He suggested that I build a shooting platform for photographers,Now this person is here101次了,And became good friends with me.”Li Bo said,Provide a photography platform for photography enthusiasts,And they discuss their favorite plane,Let your old age be colorful.

Li Bo also got a lot of photos of planes because of this,Treasure it in his phone80multiple photos of planes,It's all from these photographers.There is also a slightly yellowed album,里面的照片,They are all given to Li Bo by photographers who have come here to take pictures..

At the request of reporters,Li Bo shows his treasured photos,Count and the each picture story,one of his favoritesA380Pictures of the plane,It was given to him by the Beijing photographer who had been here hundreds of times..

The location where Li Bo's house is located is the scope of the last batch of housing expropriation and demolition of the third-phase expansion project of the airport.,“There are not many days when you can see the plane every day,我很珍惜.”Li Bo said,The third-phase expansion project of the airport is a national key project,Can promote the development of the local,他很支持,Will also actively cooperate with the government's expropriation work.

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