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Photo Punch Place | Atlanta Street Graffiti Wall

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Atlanta in the southeastern United States is a representative of hip-hop culture and street culture. Under the bridge piers and on the streets, graffiti of different styles and styles can be seen everywhere.Not inferior to New York at all, Sanfan.If the friends around you come to visit Yacheng, you must not miss a few places where graffiti is concentrated, it will definitely bring you surprises.
Street Culture Everywhere

Little Five Points+ Inman Park

This place is south of downtown Atlanta. There are strong street art elements everywhere. You can park in a nearby paid parking lot for about 5-10 dollars for 2 hours.

Tips: After 6:00 pm, the security in the vicinity is relatively poor, and it is best to have more than 1 male companion.The best time to do graffiti is in the morning.
There are also some interesting shops and bars.Even the street seats are very interesting and cute.
Street Bike Seat
A graffiti at the end of Little Five Points
Little Five Ponts Landmark

Near Beltline (Piedmont Park)

Near the entrance extends all the way to Ponce City Market (formerly an abandoned factory, now a creative food gathering place)
Address: 675 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA, 30308
pcm atrium
There are various graffiti at the entrance, running or cycling stop and go, you can find many surprises along the way.If you don't want to pay the parking fee, you can lie on the street near the entrance of piedmont park, and you can park in the PCM.(charged by the hour)
Fantasy graffiti wall along the beltline
Krog Street Market Like pcm, krog is also a food center transformed from an old warehouse, and there are many graffiti elements nearby.
Okay, here is the introduction to a few concentrated graffiti walls for friends to take pictures.

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