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Guangzhou University Student Social Practice Travel Recommendation

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7月盛夏,When the young you are into summer,We have a line of people came to guangzhou pit bei-LianTang Village historic district,Cantonese immersive environment,最朴实、The most authentic lingnan customs,走,To our research of countryside for a walk together.

第一站  坑贝古村

   Pit bei village is located in the southeast of new town in guangzhou zengcheng,Due to open in the ancients in Hanoi gold pit dug a large number of named shells.Houses built in the Ming and qing dynasties in ancient villages,Legend has it built by MAO brothers from a nearby village to move in,So far, although after one hundred years of wind and rain,But the village,The ancient towers、The ancient Ming and qing dynasty courtyard style still,Ancient appearance was still relatively intact. 





一棵古树,Side water and soil conservation,Protect the dream home.

A pond,"The pond water,In the shadow of ley,To keep the true qi”.

The ancients in accordance with the water and,有“In front of the pond,Generation and etc.counties”的说法.A bay village into the pit,Lotus pond was greeted with foam,Tell from the function call it“月塘”,Are an integral part of the group of ancient villages.Now the full lotus pool is waiting for you to spend the summer time,“Listen to the Netherlands appropriate early,The best in the morning”,Is there a hole bei people will come here in the morning?But if you come early in the morning,Must be able to and fragrant lotus bumped into,To meet the 33223322 sitting in the pit of the big banyan tree bay village, village people. 

【Ancient villages in pit Mr】

Across the,Interact with the lotus pond reflect bei ancient village is the pit,The south north,From the west to the east,Blocks of antique、Full of rich lingnan customs guang fu residence,方方正正,整齐地排列着.Longitudinal first row,Lined with study、官厅、祠堂、村屋,Finally the towers and the back,形成了一个以“Type tea valley temple”As the core of ancient village buildings. 

The study with pools and the garden is a small courtyard.走进书房,See houses desolate broken,In the garden,On the old arch,“别有天”Three characters seem to be telling people,This is a holy site in the country GengDou.

“Type valley time temple”In the face of an ancient village gate house,In the village street center,Is the largest of pit bei ancient ancestral temple.

The towers in the village in the top,A in last place in buildings east three columns,And the front devoted to study the active study before and after the combination of a military care. 

建议游玩时间:1 个小时️️

交通方式:广州地铁21号线—>Pit shell standb出口—>步行10分钟到达!

      Can also take zengcheng103Bus in prime minister road/ green coffees which areScenery east road(路口)下车,Distance pit bei village548米,步行3分钟左右就可到达!


第二站 Clear offer garden、A surname cui temple

A surname cui temple、Qing bei, an ancient village garden and pit respectively in the left and right side of the road,When we enter prime minister road can catch a glimpse of the corner of a surname cui ancestral temple.


【A surname cui temple】

In memory of zengcheng a surname cui temple is a southern song dynasty patriotic yu Cui Yuzhi built ancestral temple,Is one of the guangzhou municipal cultural relics protection units.Its architectural style is contracted、整洁、清逸、脱俗.“Given the royal chrysanthemum slope one thousand bearing to maintain,Days of branches open phase water everywhere”Speak of is cui prime minister's life.Ancestral temple from outside to inside of the、中、后三进.The last for a pipe gallery into,The statue of honours cui prime minister,提名为“Qing dedication”,Is the southern song dynasty emperor to Cui Yuzhi reputation“Clear the party of no similar,Ideas, by the first man”的肯定.Ancestral temple has helped you understand cui prime minister in my life and the origin of chey family name、Evolution and chey posterity to the prime minister talked about the precious data.



【Clear offer garden】

Clear offer garden is Cui Yuzhi memorial,The park for the southern song dynasty architectural style,Point four functional areas:Clear offer the door、The wind chamber、Standing offer hall、Chrysanthemum slope orchard,取”清“”献“”园“字命名.Four areas, respectively, demonstrates the significance of building up the park、The other and the world of Cui Yuzhi evaluation; Cui Yuzhi life-story、The officer experience and its“Beyond uprightness killed,Beyond wealth kill children,Beyond politics kill people,Kill the world academically beyond the later”The start-up of family precepts;Cui Yuzhi in political、军事、The integrity of the great achievements in aspects of literature and Cui Yuzhi character and to future generations、The profound influence of the home,Park in the form of a hand-drawn animation reduction Cui Yuzhi keep huai shu protection、To protect the land border intense scene,生动展示了“Very cheap、廉生威”的内涵,Come here for a walk can stimulate your endless admiration.


【Cui Yuzhi】

Cui Yuzhi(1158—1239),Born in new town in zengcheng pit back cui village,南宋名臣.其“文”有“三首”:The contact Confucianism“菊坡学派”Lingnan history is the first academic schools,Is first by the lingnan students to take an examination of the jinshi,Is lead of lingnan song ci,被誉为“The father of cantonese words”.Cui Yuzhi life is honest diligent,For the people ChuBi,Wen Gongwu slightly,清风传家.


交通方式:Can walk from pit bei village6Minutes to clear offer garden、A surname cui temple.


【午餐推荐】 Nison food  15920321369

Recommend the hakka stuffed tofu、Hanging furnace burn goose、Sweet and sour pork、八宝冬瓜盅、Steamed sea tree、白云猪手、白切鸡、Steamed river, etc.



交通方式:Take a taxi to the LianTang Village nison food we need8分钟左右,距离3.5公里.


第三站  莲塘古村

  LianTang Village is in the southern song dynasty shaoxing 13 years(1143)A young man named Mao Wutao from tsangshing xiao guo lane come out,A road west to live down here,Then life reproduction,Formed a natural village.Traditional cantonese opera culture in LianTang Village popular,The existing lotus pond quyi club is located in the MAO big ancestral hall.



【Quyi club】

LianTang Village quyi club when the zeal of a bunch of love cantonese opera neighborhood spontaneously organized community center,The promotion and popularization of the cantonese opera,Cantonese opera story,Teach cantonese operatic singing,Make singing competition……Here you can feel the rich community cultural life as well as the audience lingnan characteristics of forms of opera.



    Shing temple was built in the song dynasty,Is the place where people worship LianTang Village.Carved stone couplet as“Work blame huang Tang Linghai vertical work on Monday and;DE fu hundred yue LianXi dade boundless”.Chi head red sandstone stone grain refinement.Verge、The entrance porch step beam of delicate woodcarving.Most valuable also counts in shing shing palace GongZaiShan in front of the wall、About inlaid in the corridor between the wall and the partial etc15Square end monument to remember.As early as in the qing yongzheng six years(1667),The latest in the 17 years of the republic of China(1928).Shing palace inscriptional record more,History clearly,The historical research for the village provides important clues.

LianTang Village historical heritage—宗祠

目前,LianTang Village has big MAO ancestral hall、Span a fool time temple、Lotus pond LanMao male shrine and incense ancestral temple four ancestral temple.

MAO ancestral hall in the lotus pond behind LianTang Village elementary school in,明朝建立,Had to rebuild and repair,Wall lintel shi landscape again、Figure painting of flowers and a big mural color.Ancestral hall was built、重建、Maintenance s clear,Inside the temple inscriptional record,木雕、Stone carving delicate,具有历史和艺术价值.

Span a fool time shrine in LianTang Village right,Sits slightly by west,The qing dynasty set up,光绪九年(1883)Restored,A recent maintenance is1984年,Wall lintel over shi character、山水、Flower grain big colorful murals and poetry,木雕精致,Has great historical and artistic value.

In the south of LianTang Village,坐北朝南,Three two into is LanMao male shrine,The qing dynasty set up,After the repair,With green grass, trees and lakes,别有一番韵味.

In the village are center,坐北朝南,Three four into the family ancestral temple in the village,The qing dynasty set up,一直保留到现在.

Lotus pond towers in LianTang Village left after the Angle,Is a defense construction,Was built in the late qing dynasty,After the founding of the maintenance,坐北朝南,Is a rectangular plane slightly,楼层高4Layer about16米.砖、木、石结构,Four walls with blue bricks masonry,To adapt to the pictures.


交通方式:A few minutes walk can be reached shing palace、Four ancestral hall




Autonomic activities

Farming farming 

    Experience of rural farmers and rural farming ecological life.如播种、插秧、收割、种菜等等. Under the hot sun,The villagers wearing a straw hat,Aspersing sweat on the field work.Through work experience,Deeply experience the villagers to do farm work hard,Realize the food has not come easily.




   Pit bei LianTang Village almost every family have lychee、Yellow skin and longan planting,This season is litchi、Yellow skin picking season,Cold warmhearted villagers will ask you to eat litchi,Handed you yellow skin,Moreover also can private orchard picking ticket here. There are many fish ponds in LianTang Village,Can fishing in the countryside,Experience of rural leisure and outdoor sports,感受大自然的美好.



Cantonese opera experience

    Cantonese opera art in LianTang Village deep mass base,The elderly fans,Children have a course for professional learning.You come to you can join them.





1. Pay attention to high temperature is prevented bask in.

2. Sunny or rainy day uncertain,记得带伞.

3. 出行注意交通安全

4. 疫情常态化,注意防护.

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