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"The campus surrounding" have problems can take pictures revealed!The escort for the healthy growth of minors.

2022-08-03 09:06:27Guangdong News

Dayang Network News "Pick up your mobile phone and take a picture, and you can report problems in the surrounding environment of the campus."There is an additional section on "Campus Surroundings".

The reporter was informed that in order to deepen the construction of the "City of Hope", strengthen the comprehensive management of the surrounding environment of the campus, jointly create a good social environment for the healthy growth of minors, and guide the whole society to care and careFor the healthy growth of minors, the Dongguan Municipal Committee of Political Science and Law, the Municipal Civilization Office, the Municipal Education Bureau and other departments have taken the initiative to take the initiative and cooperate closely, and have opened a new section of "Campus Surroundings" on the "Zhiwang Renrenpai" applet platform, and the general public can log inThis section truthfully broke the uncivilized phenomenon around the campus anytime, anywhere.

There are 7 news items in the news section

The "Zhiwang Renrenpai" applet "Campus Surroundings" broke the news section with 7 news items.If the public finds relevant violation clues, they can take a photo and report it. After receiving the report, the grid administrator will verify it as soon as possible. Those who report the truth will also receive a WeChat red envelope reward!

The seven new reporting items include:

1. There are commercial Internet cafes and commercial entertainment venues around the campus.

2. There are lottery sales points and tobacco sales points around the campus.

3. There are places around the campus where illegal practice of medicine or the treatment of people and venereal diseases is the main business.

4. There are tourist merchants or unlicensed stalls engaged in illegal business activities around the campus.

5. There are "three no-foods" around the campus, and there are toys, stationery, accessories and publications selling horror, superstition, vulgarity and pornography.

6. There is damage to public facilities around the campus (such as street lights and fences).

7. The roads around the campus are occupied and blocked by fire escapes.

Schools and parents like the revelations section

Dongcheng Middle School Office Director Yi Chang said that in the past, there were uncivilized phenomena such as canteens selling beer and cigarettes, mobile vendors selling snacks, and training institutions distributing promotional materials.Now that there is a leaking platform, you can take photos and upload photos anytime, anywhere. Relevant departments can deal with them as soon as possible, quickly solve the uncivilized problems around the campus, and put an end to all kinds of uncivilized behaviors. It is very good for beautifying the surrounding environment of the campus and promoting the healthy growth of young and role.

Liang Yanfeng's child is studying in the first grade of Dongcheng Middle School, and Liang Yanfeng praised the launch of Dongguan's "Zhiwang Renrenpai" project around the campus.

Liang Yanfeng said that although the surrounding environment of the campus is generally good, there are still some problems, and parents are also worried that it will affect their children's learning and physical and mental health.With the "Zhiwang Renrenpai" mini-program for breaking the news around the campus, parents can "break the news" with a single shot, and the relevant departments will intervene in a timely manner."I believe that Dongguan, with this professional, socialized and intelligent information platform, will eliminate the hidden dangers to children around the campus in the bud, contribute to the improvement of the surrounding environment of the Dongguan campus, and make us more aware of the growth of children.Don't worry."

Text/Guangzhou Daily Xinhuacheng Reporter: Zhong Honglian Correspondent: Fan Dequan

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