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2022 David-Marin Astrophotography Award Works Appreciation

2022-08-05 11:38:26Chinese Industry Information Station

During the 1970s and 1980s, David Marin pioneered many processing techniques that enhanced the field of astrophotography.Before computers or digital sensors, Malin's tricolor wide-field images of objects in deep space were some of the most extraordinary images of the Milky Way ever captured.

His eponymous photography competition, the David Marin Photography Awards, has been running for about 20 years.This year, there are eight categories: deep space group, wide-angle group, night scene group, solar system group, animation sequence group, youth group (under 18 years old), special theme group, namely arrangement group and the first intelligent Mobile Astrophotography Team.

This year's top prize was taken by mechanical engineer Ian Inverarity.This photo captures a gorgeous Australian gum tree with fog looming in the background, and the Milky Way is the frame for it all.

Marin selects the overall top winner after a panel of expert judges selects the category winners.It's truly incredible to see technology advance so quickly that anyone can become an astrophotographer, he said.

Lucy Yunxi Hu won the event's first smartphone category award.The jury paid particular attention to the skill required to capture this image with a smartphone.The judges noted: "This is the best effort I've seen to take a tracking image on a smartphone. While the resolution is relatively low, as you might expect, the colors are captured very well and the interesting foreground is captured very well.Well lit."

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