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[UK Photography] These places have the high-value British style you want

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Most people think of Britain,Mind will emerge that these gothic building wind of England,Who is originated in the medieval architecture,Britain will be preserved in,In the European area,These architectural styles are brigade, the friends will clock in scenic spots.So what are the most can make unique attractions British wind photos?This strategy list for you.


在英国,城堡无处不在,这些城堡历史悠久、气势恢弘、景色优美、内涵丰富.Due to the hidden behind high walls of good touching story,This gives every castle covered with a layer of mysterious veil.The British some cities are developed from a castle,Such as Windsor castle.
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This place used to be British Windsor castle,A total cover an area of26英亩,分为上区、中区和下区这三个区域.Internal including the royal family homes、卧室、厨房、会客厅、The king and the queen's restaurant、画室以及宴会厅等等.The royal art and treasures here are perfectly preserved,Therefore has the very high tour value.
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回到正题,This place a photo can give priority to with courtyard photography,Indoor and courtyard layout is royal level,Elegant and noble,Is the outside world no matter how can restore.
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Unfortunately only one of the most famous queen Mary a doll's house is not currently open to the public,And indoor light is dark,Discomfort in portrait photo,And most indoor areas no photos.But if you want to try the dark gothic style,The choice of Windsor castle was perfect.
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地图搜索地址:Windsor SL4 1NJ英国

交通:从伦敦的帕丁顿(Paddington)车站前往至 Windsor&Eaton Riverside或Windsor Central站,中途需在Slough转车一次,全程约30分钟



开放时间:During march and October9:30至17:15(最后入场16:00)
附近景点: 圣乔治礼拜堂、Windsor lego amusement park、温莎公园、The royal Windsor shopping center.
摄影风格: The castle solemn wind、哥特风.


Cambridge university has a800年的历史,Age and Windsor castle only small100岁,Is one of the top universities in the world.Such a long history of,Of course left behind many of the England wind academic building,Castle and a contrast,Although it is with the school building,But the style of whole slant graceful,Solemn and missing a little dark.
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University of Cambridge's basic not prohibited from entering the area,But as tourists,We can't go to affect the students in class,So can choose a winter vacation to.
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At the university of Cambridge and a feature is the campus and the city is close to90%Mix together,Perhaps because Britain, including cities, also unique British amorous feelings,So it's hard to feel the difference between city and campus.
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The university of Cambridge, floor pavilion、Booth school and bridge、廊.The integral style of the gothic architecture by tall narrow,And with pointed.With the construction craft of excellence mystery、哀婉、崇高的强烈情感.
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Project at the university of Cambridge and a have to experience is rowing Cambridge swim,Of course don't need him,Have nice British small brother rowing while the history of Cambridge attraction for you.
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地图搜索地址:The Old Schools, Trinity Ln, Cambridge CB2 1TN英国

交通方式:National Rail火车/National express长途客运,终点站为:Cambridge City Centre


开放时间:9:00-18:00(Colleges open time different,详情可以查看官网)
摄影风格: 学院风、古典风.
Want to immediately appreciate the atmosphere of higher learning and scenery?Can click on the link below the reference peach home day trip+Cambridge package tour.
Want to understand how to play at the university of Cambridge,吃什么,Can click on the below guide to harvest more ideas.


The church often more than other building characteristic style.The east56Pieces of magnificent stained glass is good location.
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The structure of the church is careful so,Road graceful lines as though you are in the picture.
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Visit must be on the top to see,On the way to see many of the last century under the legacy of the antiquities,Also well kept.The view from the top floor can enjoy the city,Is taking pictures of.
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地图搜索地址:Bath BA1 1LT英国

交通方式:乘坐175/U1No bus toGrand Parade站下车,步行600米左右即可到达.

门票价格:免费,Can voluntary contributions to the donation box,建议4磅/人

开放时间:周一 9:30-18:00 周二至周六 9:00-18:00 周日13:00-14:30 16:30-17:30
摄影风格: 古典风、哥特风.
附近景点: 罗马浴场、雅芳河、圆形广场.

Want to go to Windsor castle+Buss tour of the church can refer to peach home trip as follows

Fashion choices

The scenic spots of England,If want to take out according to the style of the characters,Clothing must wear appropriate also.If wear the ordinary everyday clothes,In the beautiful background,It would only be against characters become ugly.


Girls can choose clothes type a lot,Peach peach recommended have the hobby of tour can wear a gothic windLolitaDress to,Handle delicate figure skirt with elaborately carved buildings,That was made pictures must also is a precious memories.
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There are not many boys clothes can choose,You can wear a their favorite suit.对LolitaInterested in the boys can buy a British windLolita男装,Delicate degree don't lose the dress.

Photography is smallTips

1. Take SLR camera,不要用手机.
2. 打开相机的HDR功能.
3. Want to take pictures of the black and white style,可以打开“Contrast monochromatic”效果.Make a black and white and more clear.
4. Open the white balance function,设置色温3000K左右,Can clap a cool color.
5. Beautify the late photos can chooseAdobe Camera Raw软件.


Peach peach asLolitaClothing lovers,I've always wanted to round to the UK photographed shopping desire.LolitaThe style of dress originated in Europe,Therefore and local architectural style is very fit.The style of British wind is now many people like,The reason is that the elegant.Careful and do not break the architectural style in accordance with the public as the aesthetic tendency of.
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In fact, like it or not,British amorous feelings can be as understanding of local culture and to experience personally,Want to know the customers can refer to a day at the old classic British peach home/五日游行程,做好准备,To a pleasant trip to the UK.

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