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Cesium: Loading OSGB Oblique Photography 3D Models

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OSGB Oblique Photography Model

Introduction to OSGB

OSGB is the main format of oblique photography, which is of great significance in the city-level real scene 3D.For a small and medium-sized city, it may take one or two years to complete the manual fine modeling; while the oblique photography model modeling method can be completed in only three to five months, which can greatly reduce the time for 3D model data production.cost and labor costs.
  The production process of the OSGB oblique photography model is usually: first, obtain the image data of the target area by means of drone aerial photography; second, use professional data processing software (for example: contextcapture and domestic smart3d, DJI, etc.), for modeling.For historical reasons, although the processing result format of different software

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