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Aerial Oblique Photography Web 3D GIS Digital Twin Smart Thermal Power Plant

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7 月份,245 National Weather Station daily maximum temperature exceeded 7 月历史极值;同时,疫情防控形势向好,Enterprises speed up the pace of resumption of work and production,Power load hits record highs.Coal as the main power supply in our country,用不足 50% 的装机占比,Produced nationwide approx 60% 的电量,Satisfied super 70% peak load demand.

Coal power as a kind of thermal power generation,The heat energy produced by coal during combustion,Converting a power-generating power plant into electrical energy.Using map software 2D、3D 和 GIS 可视化技术结合倾斜摄影和数字孪生技术,Build power plants, different unit area、coal handling area、Chemical water treatment area、Common system area、Living office area、3D Visualization System of Main Transformer and Booster Station Area.Use ubiquitous perception、自适应、智能融合与互动化,Let the thermal power plant in the engineering design、生产调度、过程监控、故障诊断、运营管控、Visualization operations such as different link to realize intelligent management.

HT for Web GIS 支持对不同地图瓦片服务或数据、航拍倾斜摄影实景的 3DTiles 格式数据以及城市建筑群等不同的 GIS 数据的加载,同时,结合 BIM 数据轻量化、三维视频融合以及 2D 和 3D 的无缝融合等技术优势,在 GIS 系统中对海量的 POI 数据、交通流量数据、规划数据,Status data such as variety show.

基于 HT for Web 和 GIS The smart thermal power plant realizes the digital twin of thermal power plant by acquiring 3D scene data.3D technology based on digital twin,将物联网、人工智能、大数据等新 ICT 技术进行整合,Safety module for thermal power plants、Environmental module、All-round digital construction of production modules,Build into a new generation of technology、高效、安全、绿色、A healthy thermal power plant.Weather simulation based on weather data,根据具体的需求,Show rain、Snow different meteorological data such as 3 d simulation results.Also can access to the meteorological data,Prepare for bad weather before it hits.

There are mainly two ways to obtain 3D scene data of thermal power plants: aerial photography modeling and artificial modeling..

航拍建模,也称倾斜摄影实景三维.通过从一个垂直、四个倾斜、The perspective of five different synchronization acquisition images,以大范围、高精度、高清晰的方式全面感知复杂场景,获取到丰富的建筑物顶面及侧视的高分辨率纹理.It can not only reflect the real information of the ground objects,Also by positioning、融合、建模等技术,Generate a 3D plant model with geographic coordinate system information.Aerial modeling can accurately andGIS 匹配,OSGB 模型数据具有多细节层次(Level of Detail, LOD),系统可以根据用户浏览时和场景的距离显示不同精度的 LOD 层级模型.

人工建模,使用 3dsMax、Maya、C4D 等建模软件,基于影像数据、CAD 平面图或者拍摄图片估算建筑物轮廓与高度等信息进行人工建模.However, the architectural texture deviates greatly from the actual effect.,The production process also requires a lot of manual participation;Data production cycle is long,时效性较低.人工建模要和 GIS 匹配需要人工进行空间矫正配准.

性能上,Tilt photography is suitable for large complex factory or buildings,Scenes can be quickly generated from the data collected by aerial photography,To avoid spend a lot of time for manual modeling.Loading in a hierarchical manner,不受性能限制,It can carry the scene scale that cannot be carried by manual modeling.

效果上,Oblique Photography WYSIWYG,Displays all photographed objects,But the effect on artificial modeling,There will be blurring of model textures after zooming in,Problems such as loss of model details.At the same time, the flexibility of tilt photography is not as good as manual modeling,To implement a click event on a single building model,Monomerization is also required,And some animation effects cannot be achieved from the model level,such as dismantling、透视、Parts disassembly, etc..

成本上,Large-scale aerial photography plus batch extraction and texture from oblique images,Can effectively reduce the cost of 3D modeling,Improve model productivity,Reduced economic cost of 3D model data acquisition.

on the construction period,通常 1-5 平方公里面积,采集数据+生成模型在 1-2 周左右,Manual modeling depends on the building/Equipment quantity and complexity,Usually a single plant modeling cycle is 1-4 个月之间.

实际应用中,User can choose according to their own needs the right way,It is also possible to combine the two.For example, this case uses oblique photography+人工建模+ BIM The three methods of the model are superimposed to display the thermal power plant in an all-round way.


by manual modeling,Using Tupu software virtual simulation technology,According to the internal layout of the smart thermal power plant unit area,1:1 制作 3D 可视化仿真互动模型,Unobstructed view of internal equipment and buildings,便于运维查看.

For smart thermal power plants,The simulation modeling show far cannot satisfy the demand.利用图扑软件结合 GIS 进行人员、车辆、设备的定位、监控管理,Analyze the rationality of the deployment of various monitoring points,Comprehensively monitor the production status of the factory,It is the focus of the intelligent transformation of the factory.在安全方面,对厂区、Digital twin of firefighting equipment, etc.;在环保方面,对 NO2、汞、PM2.5 Analyses the effect of poisonous and harmful material such as emissions,To guide the environmental management of thermal power plants,Promote the green transformation of the factory area.


Power inspectors in thermal power plants need to check the running machines、工艺设备、管道、仪器仪表等进行规范的检查,去发现和专业识别隐患,处理隐患,上报隐患,让设备的故障消失在萌芽状态.The process of patrolling by simulating people or by patrolling vehicles,When passing by the device, you can stop to view the device information.漫游巡检功能根据增设的多类型巡检内容和多条巡检路径,The first-person perspective roaming or drone perspective roaming can be used for full-time automatic patrol,Patrol speed can be freely selected.

First-person walkthrough for an immersive experience.Drone perspective roaming view from the sky,Demonstrate the grandeur of thermal power plants,Bring a shocking look.满足不同类型资产的运维管理特性.


Safety management is the foundation for the smooth and normal operation of an enterprise,利用云计算、大数据、虚拟仿真、Beidou positioning and other technologies improve the level of safety management,Improving safety management efficiency is the management focus of modern power plants.By displaying various icons on the map corresponding to the person or thing bound to the tag,Real-time monitoring of tags,and show the current location of the label in the map,Control in real time.

在图扑软件 2D Panel display cumulative safe operating time,Comprehensive plant information,such as fire monitoring points、Access point、Factory staff、厂区车辆、电子围栏、摄像头信息.Click the fire monitoring points in the bottom menu to view the distribution of fire monitoring points in the entire thermal power plant,结合北斗、UWB 等系统,Precisely locate the ignition point,有效缩短救援时间.

Fire rehearsal

Through dynamic arrow labeled escape routes,Point in the direction of the escape exit,可模拟多条疏散路线并预测时间,测算出最佳逃生路线.

High density of people in thermal power plants,地形复杂,So the evacuation is difficult.But the length of evacuation time is directly related to the safety of personnel,通过将 HT for Web 和 BIM 结合,借助传感设备和射频识别技术确定人员逃生数据,以 Hightopo 的三维可视化特点,将真实的疏散环境和疏散情况进行还原,It has a high degree of conformity with the real situation of the factory.因此,in fire escape,It can effectively improve the escape efficiency of employees.


Using Tupu to visualize the total number of people in the factory,motor、coal transportation、Statistics of boiler room personnel information,通过 3D Personnel quick navigation in the scene quickly locates personnel.Personnel positioning helps managers to mobilize employees in various regions,加强全局管理,提升企业的智能化水平和运行效率.

可基于 UWB 定位基站或其他定位硬件基础,在三维场景中实现厂内员工实时定位可视化功能.Deploy the Tupu software visualization management system in the centralized control center,管理人员可以实时监控厂区在岗人员的位置,View employee information through scene interaction、行动轨迹等数据.Employees can carry the positioning card device with them,In case of danger, it can be issued manually SOS 信息.The operation and maintenance of the centralized control center can respond immediately after seeing the distress information in the Tupu software visualization system.


Access control security management set map flutter visualization technology、AI 人脸识别技术、Microcomputer automatic identification technology、Modern safety management measures as one,It involves electrons,机械,光学,计算机技术,通讯技术,Biotechnology, and many other new technologies,Can effectively identify and record passers-by and vehicle information.The access control distribution area can be viewed on the large visualization screen of Tupu、The same day by the number of entrance guard、Number of interceptors、Reason for blocking,Constructing a Grid Social Security Prevention and Control System,Improve awareness of various types of accidents、Case and emergency prevention and emergency handling capabilities.

The access control system can also be integrated with other professional systems for building automation、闭路监控、Coordination and linkage of other systems such as anti-theft and fire alarm,So that the security integrity and safety are improved,例如:


Cameras are the key to active defense in factories,The list appears online、Number of offline cameras,According to the name search view camera position.The query interface of Tupu software adopts the event mechanism to update the interface locally,避免 FPS 的游戏方式,过多进行无意义的界面刷新,避免桌面卡顿和手机发烫等问题.

点击 3D The camera icon at the bottom of the scene can view the distribution of smart cameras in the factory,Overlay the camera AI 的算法,Ability to identify people and objects,Let ordinary camera thinking.Visual interface access monitoring system,Show the current scenario of premises.

Tupu software products HT for Web 作为基于 HTML5 标准的组件库,可以无缝结合 HTML5 各项多媒体功能,支持集成各类视频资源形成统一的视频流,可在 2D、3D 态势地图上标注摄像头对象并关联其视频信号源,通过场景交互来调取相应监控视频,满足运维人员对场景进行实时态势感知、历史数据回溯比对、应急处理预案等监测需求.

Figure robot software also supports video integration,将 2D 视频图像融合到场景的 3D 模型中,为用户提供直观的视频图像和简单的视图控制.通过室内监控视频与三维场景叠加展示,可如临其境查看现场情况.并可实现关键路径自动视频巡检,重点区域关注目标快速锁定等高级功能,为日常管理和突发事件的处理提供直观准确的协助.


火电厂的 3D The position of each electronic fence in the factory area is indicated by yellow in the interface,And pop up a prompt box when people invade,Remind the operation and maintenance of the centralized control center to notify the intruder to leave in time.利用图扑软件 2D Panel showing violation records,such as violation time、事件、处理状态,Follow-up targeted strengthening of management.Click on the small eye behind the electronic fence in the panel to zoom in and see,You can also manually draw the electronic fence area as needed.

电子围栏是目前较为先进的周界防护报警系统,采用了先进的“阻挡为主,报警为辅”的周界安防理念,集“威慑、阻挡、报警、安全”于一身,To analyze the abortion situational risk assessments.Fences are divided into permanent fences and temporary fences,Permanent fence appears on steam turbine in thermal power plant project、变压器、升压站等区域;Temporary fences appear in the factory area for temporary construction or“两票”维修区.


Thermal Power Plant as a Dense Multipath Site,可采用 UWB、Wi-Fi、蓝牙、红外线、超宽带、RFID、ZigBee、动作捕捉、Ultrasonic and other technologies cooperate with Beidou satellite navigation system,Collect vehicle trajectories.Combining Tupu visualization system and road network system,To shorten the vehicle travel time、降低行车延误、Reduce vehicle empty and stop、保障行车安全、提高场内道路通行能力的目的.

The vehicle positioning management and control system in the factory area has basic vehicle information query、Vehicle real-time location tracking、Vehicle real-time location lookup、Vehicle safety status query、Vehicle real-time inspection and inventory、Vehicle abnormal alarm linkage and other functions,Real-time vehicle monitoring and intelligent safety warning in the factory,Improve the efficiency of intelligent vehicle management.

The vehicle fails within the location range,通过报警按钮能够及时向地面调度室发送报警信息;根据实际情况,预告确定地点和行动轨迹路线等.

Security four color map

Combining the actual situation of thermal power plants to draw enterprise safety risk distribution map,从组织、制度、技术、Take targeted management and control measures for different levels of security risks in emergency and other aspects,Ensure security risks are always under control.In figure robot software digital twin body will power plant security risk level from high to low is divided into major risks、较大风险、一般风险和低风险,分别用红、橙、黄、Blue four colors marked.通过厂区Security four color map分析,对重点安全防范区域的消防设备和监控设备的布控具有重要的指导意义.

Environmental module

The environmental pollution caused by coal-fired power plants mainly includes the air pollution、废水污染、Industrial solid waste pollution、Industrial noise pollution、电磁污染.The flue gas of the boiler is discharged into the atmosphere through the high chimney,Through the graph visualization system on statistical monitoring points of soot、NO2、Mercury emissions、PM10、PM2.5、SO2 Normal and abnormal indicator data,Strengthen environmental management in areas with abnormal indicators,Build a green factory area.

Tupu software uses graphical means to clearly and effectively interpret and communicate data information,Use histograms separately、面积图、Line charts and other statistics monthly NO2、PM10、PM2.5、SO2 的排放量,帮助我们发现其中的规律和特征,挖掘数据背后的价值.Passing data between various data sources、转换、净化、集成等功能,Realize unified storage of environmental data、统一展现.

Click on each type of emission in the bottom menu,会在 3D Icons appear in the corresponding distribution area in the scene,双击 3D The corresponding small icon in the scene can pop up 2D Dashboard to view the hourly changes of various toxic and hazardous substances.Through data level sorting and refining,will be scattered in each“信息孤岛”Comprehensive integration of effective information resources in,Full support for data sharing、Unified management and decision analysis.

AQI 云图

用绿、黄、橙、红、Purple indicates the severity of air pollution,Strengthen environmental governance and personnel access in heavily polluted areas,Protect the health of employees.

Through a cross-platform standard data protocol,Extract valuable data from various independent and decentralized databases or information systems to the graph visualization system,Realize multi-service processing and data sharing at the management decision-making level.


The principle of thermal power generation is to heat water to generate steam during combustion,将燃料的化学能转变成热能,蒸汽压力推动汽轮机旋转,热能转换成机械能,然后汽轮机带动发电机旋转,将机械能转变成电能.Tupu software adopts lightweight 3D modeling technology,The power generation process of a digital twin thermal power plant,Bring an immersive look and feel.

3D process flow

Use 3D configuration to realize equipment connection in key process flow of power plant,一方面可监控重要设备的运行信息;另一方面,The main power generation process of a coal-fired power plant is shown with a 3D configuration:coal transportation栈桥→筛煤机→碎煤机→coal transportation皮带→给煤机→磨煤机→锅炉→汽轮机→发电机→主变→升压站→电网……

相较于 InTouch/IFix/WinCC 这些传统组态软件,图扑基于 Web 的平台更适合 C/S 向 B/S 转型的大趋势,Supports fast data binding,Rich visual components for rapid creation and deployment.同传统界面相比,图扑满足工业物联网现代化的、高性能的、跨平台(桌面 Mouse /移动 Touch /虚拟现实 VR)的图形展示效果及交互体验.

Equipment warning

Through the list、二级、Level 3 equipment warning information,Can be viewed by category,Prevent explosion caused by high temperature exposure of equipment、倾覆、Detention risk.Compared to manual warning,Early warning through Tupu visualization platform,精简流程,Once the monitoring data triggers the set early warning indicators,The operation and maintenance of the centralized control center can receive real-time warning prompts,Buy valuable time for moving people from dangerous areas.同时,Strengthen the operation management of in-service units,减少非计划停机、hindered situation,Security firm hair ManFa unit.

Can be used in hot weather “温度传感器+Zigbee”temperature monitoring system,Accurately collect temperature signals of key equipment and key parts of the equipment,通过智能网关,Access the fiber optic network,Realize network and data sharing.Through the wireless temperature measurement monitoring system in the control center,Precise positioning of over-temperature parts and equipment,超温报警,Guarantee key equipment life and production continuity,Reduce and avoid the risk of potential accidents.


The perspective effect is used to present the distribution of the three-dimensional underground pipe network of the thermal power plant in the plant area,Understand piping layout and orientation,Avoid damage to pipes when working underground.Combined with a variety of sensor information、射频识别技术、红外感应器、Laser scanners etc. to monitor pipeline health,Avoid burst pipes、Occurrence of pipe cracks, etc..

Booster station construction process

图扑软件支持将 BIM 建筑数据叠加到 3D 场景中,也支持将 BIM 模型叠加到地图场景中,实现 BIM + GIS 的结合展示.将 BIM Technology applied to booster station construction,涵盖:规划、设计、施工及运维管理等各个阶段.结合 BIM 技术,Building structure for booster station、基础设施系统内设备进行三维模拟呈现,直观逼真.

通过 HT 引擎进行渲染,Simulation and restoration of the construction process of the booster station:Foundation building→围墙→Transformer area→Knife gate area→开关区→steel tower→线缆,Intelligent control of construction.Normal speed can be selected as required、2 倍速、4 View the construction process at different playback speeds such as double speed,Find unreasonable links.Combined with Tupu software, it can also realize the control of primary equipment.(变压器、断路器、隔离开关等直接用于生产和使用电能的设备)运行工况的监视、测量、控制及调节等.

Tupu software also provides BIM 模型转 HT 图元的功能,可对 BIM 文件做轻量化处理,确保场景在 Web 中高效流畅地加载运行,降低开发成本.

Crew data monitoring

Click on the unit data monitoring in the bottom menu,Unit load can be viewed in 3D scene、Turbine speed、Real-time data of main parameters of the unit such as feed water flow,Carry out condition maintenance of electrical equipment、The factory station runs intelligently、Work robot replacement、Big data to assist decision-making, etc.,To carry out the digital power plant、无人化管理.

图扑软件将 2D 和 3D 无缝融合,Data binding via chart,Use different styles of chart statistics to count the number of safe operating days、厂区面积、总装机容量、The real-time power of the unit;日发电量、月发电量、Total power generation data;Power coal machine、Coal consumption for power generation、The index of production such as load rate;Operational efficiency of equipment such as boiler units and turbo-generator units.The daily coal consumption is displayed by the combination of bar graph and line graph、Monthly coal consumption、total coal consumption,To understand the status of the factory basic operation,Guarantee the safety of thermal power plant operation、Economy and quality of power.

Thermal power plant equipment and facilities、工艺流程的智能化升级,Improve the flexible perception and efficient production and operation capabilities of the power system.但是,通过火电厂实现电力系统削峰填谷,满足 5% 的峰值负荷需要投资 4000 亿,而通过虚拟电厂,在建设、运营、激励等环节投资仅需 500-600 亿元.

Virtual power plant is an important tool to meet the demand-side interactive response capability of the new power system,The mode of integrating the new energy power it provides with traditional energy and energy storage devices,It can present stable power output characteristics for large power grids.Excavated the peak power generation potential of various types of power sources,Optimize start-up backup between cross-regional power grids、Off-peak support、Surplus adjustment.

New energy system decentralization、扁平化、The trend of decentralization is becoming more and more obvious,The rapid development of distributed energy,The system model is gradually changing from a large base and a large network to a microgrid、Smart Microgrid Parallel Transformation,To promote the new energy use efficiency and economic cost reduction.

《China Electric Power Development Report 2022》建议,by pluripotent complementary form,Promoting the development of new energy bases,Explore the establishment of a new model of effective supply and effective replacement of new energy bases.Promoting the application of multi-time scale power prediction、Intelligent control technology, etc,Effectively improve the reliable support capacity and consumption level of new energy.

Construction of smart grid requires intelligent scheduling system,实现源网荷储互动、Multi-energy synergy and complementation such as wind-solar integration and intelligent regulation of energy demand,合理布局“新能源+储能”Integrated friendly new energy power station.

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