current position:Home>It takes two hours to take pictures and retouch for 5 seconds. This plugin is amazing.

It takes two hours to take pictures and retouch for 5 seconds. This plugin is amazing.

2022-09-04 09:32:13sincere

Qianqian brings you another one

Super powerful artificial intelligence retouching artifact

Has a lot of black technology!

It can be called the best artificial intelligence photo editing software in history

Xiaobai can also easily operate a blockbuster in seconds!


拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome


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Super artificial intelligence retouching artifact(汉化版)

(ON1Portrait AI 2022)


Can be used independently as software

也可以作为PS\LRWait for the plugin to be used


Exclusive installation included&使用教程

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome

This photo editing software is simply amazing,Import the photo system to start recognizing faces,And automatically for the skin,眼睛和嘴巴添加适量的修饰, 包括皮肤平滑,减少光泽,去除瑕疵,Sculpt your face and whiten your teeth!

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome

Automatically find every face in your photo based on your preferences,对其进行分析,And add the right amount of embellishment.

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome

All your adjustments and edits are non-destructive.You can re-edit them later,And the original photo will not be changed.

control editing
一切都是自动的,But you also have full manual control.You can manually adjust the position of the eyes and mouth,Paint to improve skin mask,And use a brush to remove stubborn spots.

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome

Automatically retouch faces
Brighten the face by adding fill light or reshape the face to thin the chin or balance the size of the eyes,to correct common mistakes in lens selection and lighting.

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome

Automatic skin treatment
Skin retouching uses frequency separation to maintain natural skin texture,Also reduces color and tone variation across the skin.It produces flawless yet natural looking skin.

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome

Automatically remove blemishes
Subtle blemishes are automatically reduced,And larger stains can be removed using the built-in content-aware eraser and clone stamp.
Automatically whiten teeth
Teeth and lips are also automatically detected.You can easily brighten your smile and adjust the color and saturation of your lips.

Automatically enhance eyes
Automatically detects and enhances the eyes.White can be brightened,The iris can be brightened.

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome

And this artifact supports batch processing!The efficiency gauge is instantly full!The entire photo folder to makeAI为您工作.对于每张照片,Portrait AIwill find each face and automatically add the right amount of touch-up.Great for proofing photos before exporting.

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome

In order to help friends better master this artifact

Qianqian is ready for everyone




Detailed video installation tutorial to help you

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome


Chinese use interface

Chinese operation interface,让你更省心

(WIN&MACAll are Chinese versions)

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome


Exclusive usage tutorial

Use the tutorial in detail 让你轻松上手

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome

拍照两小时,修图5秒钟,This plugin is awesome


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