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"Twisted Car Boy" Zhang Liang's enrollment: plans to open a photography studio during college

2022-09-04 23:57:45Ocean Net-Social

Zhang Liang, an Anhui "twist boy" who has attracted much public attention in the college entrance examination this year, has officially registered for the school.

Becoming a college student, Zhang Liang was very excited.In addition to working hard to complete his studies, he also revealed to reporters that he would continue to develop his photography hobby in the university, and to set up his own photography studio.

At 5:40 on September 4th, Zhang Liang set off from his home in Susong County, Anqing City, Anhui Province, to Anhui Engineering University in Wuhu City, Anhui Province.The whole journey from Susong to Wuhu was more than 300 kilometers. What moved Zhang Liang was that Luo Zhao, the principal of Susong Middle School in Anhui Province, where he was in high school, and Zhang Guofeng, the head teacher, also drove with him today.

At about 10:30 am, the vehicle arrived at Anhui Engineering University in Wuhu City, Anhui Province. Zhang Liang got off the bus and was welcomed by school leaders, teachers and welcome volunteers.

Zhang Liang took a group photo with the welcome volunteers of Anhui Engineering University. The Paper reporter Zhu Wenbotu

"Considering Zhang Liang's physical condition, the school specially arranged a two-person postgraduate dormitory for him with better accommodation conditions, so that Zhang Liang can live with his mother who is accompanying him.." Li Jinghua, director of the logistics support department of Anhui Engineering University, told The Paper that the graduate student dormitory where Zhang Liang lives is equipped with elevators, so it will not be too difficult to go up and down the stairs.The beds, tables and chairs in the room are also tailored according to Zhang Liang's height. In addition, the school logistics department also specially installed electric water heaters and handrails in the bathroom for him to maximize Zhang Liang's life.

Zhang Liang's counselor, Lu Jie, a teacher at the School of Electrical Engineering of Anhui Engineering University, told The Paper that the college has arranged a special volunteer group of three for Zhang Liang, who will be on campus in the future.Do your best to take care of Zhang Liang in life.

"When I first entered the university campus, I felt the warmth and kindness of the school. Everything was better than I imagined." Zhang Liang told reporters that he was very gratefulEverything the school prepares for itself.

Zhang Liang took a selfie on campus for the interviewee


On the afternoon of September 4, Zhang Liang, who had lunch, walked around the campus with great interest. He couldn't wait to experience this place where he was about to live for four years.He also sent reporters a selfie of himself.

During the military training of other students, Zhang Liang was preparing to study university courses in advance. He also plans to continue to develop his photography hobby and establish a photography studio during the university.

Zhang Liang told The Paper that he has completed the writing of the photography studio planning book and is preparing for related publicity work. "I hope to learn and improve with more students who have the same skill".

Because of congenital osteogenesis imperfecta (also known as brittle bone disease), 21-year-old Zhang Liang is only 1.3 meters tall. This rare disease also made him losethe ability to walk independently.

In order to "walk" freely, from the third grade of elementary school to the third year of high school, Zhang Liang has been using the "twist car" to get around.This year's college entrance examination, the boy who rode to the examination room on a "twisted bicycle" achieved a score of 535 points, 44 points higher than the admission score of Anhui Science One, and was admitted to the computer major of Anhui Engineering University.

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