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Feel the sweetness and beauty of New Zealand through the lens of this celebrity photographer

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Moscow photographerKristinaA Russian girl who loves travel and fantasy,Her photos are gorgeous、丰富、充满想象.She goes to a new city every year,Outline the warmest side of life with delicate photography.Many people also reacquainted many places through her photos.New Zealand through her lens、很绚丽.


3000万年前,整个怀托摩地区淹没在海平面之下.如今在这个地区大片的草场下隐藏着一个神奇的地下世界, 梦幻般的怀托摩萤火虫洞,形态各异的溶洞,无数的地下河和流水洞组成了一个迷宫.

Mt. Taranaki

The famous North Island of New Zealand“富士山”,因为Mt. TaranakiThe overall appearance is similar to that of Mount Fuji in Japan,所以有人称之为“Mount Fuji in New Zealand”;Hollywood movies shot in New Zealand《The Last Samurai》曾在此取景,并把Mt. TaranakiUnder the guise of Mount Fuji.


Hobbiton in Middle-earth,Here is director Peter·The film directed by Jackson《指环王》和《霍比特人》The picturesque Shire in the trilogy.A must-see for Lord of the Rings fans.


Mount Cook is the highest peak in the Southern Alps, the backbone of New Zealand's South Island,高3,724米,Located in the Canterbury region of the Midwest South Island. There is a lot of snow on top of Mount Cook,Famous for its huge glaciers,景色壮观,The area is now designated as Mount Cook National Park by the New Zealand government.


For travelers and photographers who come to New Zealand,每年11月至12The blooming of Lubinghua is something to look forward to.Although these lupins are local ecological destroyers,But there is no doubt that it is in the hearts of tourists.

Roys Peak

Roys PeakNow it is one of the world-famous New Zealand Internet celebrity photography spots,There are many tourists who go out of their way to climb the viewpoint to take a long-awaited photo.在这里,It's hard to take a picture without other strangers in it.
It felt like seeing a different New Zealand!
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