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Ningbo Ningbo where to go on weekends?These three super niche places are beautiful to take pictures!

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Ningbo's autumn temperature has arrived!Friends who haven't arranged where to play, look here!There are almost no people in these three super niche places on weekends!In this no-man's land, it's beautiful to take pictures!

Dayan Wudong Bridge

Address: Dayan Wudong Bridge, Fenghua District

This is a very small village. It has not been disturbed by tourists. There are still protective water sources around. Now everyone is traveling without a trace.The picture of cows and sheep seen in the wind and grass can be seen everywhere here.

You can observe the lamb cakes grazing up close here. It feels like you know you want to take a picture of it. It's so cute to put on a poss. The whole undisturbed secret like this is "Peach Blossom Spring".will love.

Xu Fuyan Steps into the Cloud Valley

Address: Xu Fuyan, Xikou Town, Fenghua District

You must not miss the mountains in autumn, and Siming Mountain is the best campground!Xu Fuyan's natural flat grass, taking advantage of the high sky and fresh air, the lawn is still green, super film!Let's go camping now!

The scenic spot has a package of accommodation tents, and you can also bring your own tents. The cost of bringing your own tents is based on the number of people: 80 people/yuan. The temperature on the mountain will be lower than that in the urban area. Friends who want to camp must do a good job of keeping warm.

Liuyun Wild Luxury Campground is not only a tent, but also a canopy afternoon tea. If you don't want to stay, you can also come to a set of exquisite afternoon time. There are currently popular and high-value Morino tents, professional outdoor brand canopy, equipped withTent leisure tables and chairs, etc... Enjoy a cozy afternoon tea on the big lawn and easily take INS-style photos

Ningbo Qiangjiao Islands

Address: Qiangjiao Town, Ningbo

I heard that this island known as "Ningbo Little Sanya" is little known?There is such an island in Qiangjiao Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo, Hengshan Island. Please pay attention to the boat time: 9:30/12:30/14:30, don't miss the time!

The island is relatively small, and it only takes three hours to go around the island. If the weather is good, you can drink coffee by the sea, blow the sea breeze, and relax. The sea is very blue. You can stay for one night and see the sea the next day.sunrise!

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