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Xishuangbanna Winter is coming, the little sisters who came to Xishuangbanna to take pictures, take a walk in the guide to avoid pits

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Many ladies and sisters came to Xishuangbanna and said they were trapped. Today, I will tell you a little guide to avoid pits in Xishuangbanna

Dai costume
Honey suit

A must-see tips for avoiding pits in Xishuangbanna!

How to save money on air tickets: Because many cities have fewer direct flights to Xishuangbanna, you need to do a good job in advance

1. Compare the ticket prices of various ticketing platforms, some will have discounts

2. It is recommended to start watching air tickets 1 month in advance, it is easy to squat to cheap air tickets

3. One-time purchase of round-trip air tickets will be more cost-effective than separate purchases

4. Pay attention to the discount activities of each airline's member day: China Airlines → the same day of the same month every month

Eastern Airlines 18th of every month

Hainan Airlines 8th of every month

Xiamen Airlines 9th of every month

Local Tips

1. You must order a taxi from the airport to Gaozhuang

2. Going to the Xingguang Night Market can talk about one-third of the price, and it will be cheaper to buy things near ten o'clock

3. Be sure to bring a charging treasure. Although there are charging treasures in many scenic spots, it is very troublesome and a waste of time and money to borrow them and find a place to return them.

4. It is not recommended to buy handmade accessories in the night market. Most of them are small commodities in Yiwu, which are similar to those bought online.

5. The travel photography sisters made an appointment in advance and arrived early for makeup because there were really many people taking pictures

Travel preparation

[Documents] ID cards, student ID cards, non-commissioned officers' ID cards, etc.

【Sunscreen】Sunscreen (don't bring spray to the airport security check), sunglasses, sun hat

[Drugs] motion sickness medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, cold medicine [skin care] water cream, facial mask, lip balm

【Other】Change of clothes, masks, power bank, water cup, mosquito repellent, umbrella, etc.

5-day tour classic route

Day 1: Arrive in Banna (Xishuangbanna Gasa Airport) 4 Diamond Hotel in downtown area)

The next day Wild Elephant Valley--Forest Park 4 Diamond Hotel in urban area)

Day 3 Manting Park--Dafo Temple (Photographing Chinese Food: Dustpan Banquet Urban 4 Diamond Hotel)

Day 4 Dai Village--Dai Nationality Garden--Afternoon Tea (Gaozhuang Pool Hotel)

The fifth day ends the drop off

(Reminder: There are many scenic spots in Xishuangbanna and scattered. If you want to visit the essential scenic spots, you must plan well in advance, and arrange about 5 days. If the time is too short to rush the trip, it is just to see the flowers, and you want to save your money

You can also go with a [local group], similar to the above itinerary, about 1500s per capita, the cost performance is very good, you can find me Amway if you need it

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