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Hefei goes beyond the big collection of photo shoots and wins the ticket circle

2022-09-08 15:32:37Horse honeycomb recommended

Hefei is a multicultural city、
A city that blends north and south,
There are retro street alleys,
There are also avant-garde trendy net red places.
Go to these private photo spots in Hefei


Modern and retro,
Industrial and artistic Hechai·1972,
There are a hundred ways to sway the hearts of literary and artistic youths.
The title of literary and artistic photography holy place is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,
Many people come here and the shutter keeps clicking,
For fear of missing a moment of beautiful picture.
This place carries the exclusive memory of Hefei,
You can find old times related to Hefei.
Once you enter the park,
A brightly colored graffiti,
Painted on the high walls of the original prison,
Can't help but take a photo,
Part of the avatar doodle.
Hefei version of Santorini”,
Music Town is the area where the original Wang Daying Village was relocated
It is integrated with the surrounding agricultural enterprise fence,
It is the first music-based one in Anhui Province
Contemporary art creation experience camp,
An integrated rural creative industry park.
The whole town is candy-colored,
There are colorful houses everywhere,
It is a particularly suitable place for taking pictures.
Located in Binhu Central Park
A huge sea of ​​sunflowers
Recently blasted the circle of friends
Thousands of sunflowers face the sun with their heads in unison
There are thousands of sunflowers
 Can't see the end at all!
Walk along Jinxiu Avenue all the way
Green fields can be seen in the distance
wait until you walk in,
See the dazzling sea of ​​flowers
Mood instantly brightened!
Hongshizui Park is located on the northeast bank of Chaohu Lake、
It is known as the place where you can see the sea in Hefei、
Pure natural landscape.The entire scenic area is adapted to local conditions,
Build harmony,银色沙滩千余米,酷似海滨,
It is Xiangyuan Holding Group“花世界”A series of theme scenic spots,
The first published work.
占地4000acres of scenic spots,
Build a garden of dreams、探险乐园、
The landscape of one lake and eight gardens, such as the European-style garden.
A wild fairy garden,
完美还原了《魔戒》Where the Middle Hobbits lived,
The idyll of the Shire country,
It makes you feel like you are in the world of movies.
After reading so many photo spots
Quickly pull your friends to take beautiful photos together~

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