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Ningbo Ningbo Mid-Autumn Festival Tour, take pictures and break into the autumn fairy tale world, don't go to wait another year!

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滴滴,You have a Mid-Autumn Festival strategy guide that is being delivered

After several rounds of cooling down, Ningbo has a hint of autumn atmosphere,If you haven't gone out to play because of the hot summer,Then take advantage of this Mid-Autumn Festival holiday to go to the autumn to play.

These three autumn tourist destinations in Ningbo have beautiful scenery,Don't wait another year!


Hike up the mountain and encounter the beautiful sea of ​​flowers,The 400-meter-high mountain in Tangxi Town, Yinzhou will take you to feel the romance of autumn.

近30Mu of Fendai flower fields have the same name as here,It's like entering the moon palace fairyland.From a distance, a large piece of powder comes into view,I guess no one can turn down a romance like this!

The entire hillside is uneven,The sea of ​​​​flowers is also one after another,And the background is clean.Standing in the sea of ​​​​flowers can take beautiful blockbusters from any angle,非常梦幻.Light-colored skirts are even better.

交通:市区自驾约1h;公交609To Tangxi Dongshan Village.It takes about 20 minutes to climb to the foot of the mountain to see the sea of ​​flowers,Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.


The most beautiful place to enjoy autumn in Ningbo is the Siming Mountain,Xu Fuyan is located here.You probably know that this is a super fun glass walkway、飞拉达攀岩,Or camping and other outdoor projects,But the autumn scenery here is equally stunning.

You can see red maple and ginkgo trees everywhere in the scenic spot,Reflecting the distant mountains、Chalet and RV patio.The autumn atmosphere is completely grasped!Another set of autumn blockbusters,Think about it and look forward to it.

The glass plank road is also a good place to enjoy autumn,There are many red maples next to it,You can also overlook the entire mountain landscape.

交通:市区自驾1.5h左右,Take the bus Xikou570/596直达.


️The early autumn sunshine adds some elegance to the pavilions,Tree shadows swirling on the building.The lake where the awning boat is parked also has the warmth of the Jiangnan water town.Wear cheongsam and Hanfu to go out,You in the viewfinder must be like someone walking out of a painting.

In addition to the garden-like classical architecture,The entertainment here will give you a huge sense of contrast.Fully transparent high-altitude viewing platform、蹦极、rainbow rafting,Mid-autumn day tour must be here.

There are also many photo spots in the scenic spot,Check it out with interest.

交通:地铁1Line Liangzhu Station,Another fifteen minutes or so on foot;公交238、562、602等可直达.

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