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Photography Tips | A Quick Start Guide to Photographing Aurora Borealis in Iceland

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Aurora viewing is high on many people's wish lists,even the first.See the beautiful goddess Aurora dancing in the air,Almost everyone's first reaction is to take pictures.If you are in a hurry to tinker with the camera for a long time,Ka Ka madly pressed the shutter several times,Found the photos taken“不堪入目”,Then you should read this article for a long time.

In fact, the aurora blockbusters we see on the Internet are not complicated to shoot,Just get the gear you need,Familiarize yourself with the setup parameters for shooting,灵活运用,人人都是摄影师.



Although mobile phone cameras and algorithms are very powerful now,But compared with professional SLR cameras, it is still a lot inferior.If you plan to shoot aurora blockbuster,Then you must not be stingy,It's well worth the money to invest in a DSLR camera.(其实小DSLR就可以,You don't have to burn a god-level model)

三脚架——Must-have must-have

You can do without a DSLR,But definitely not without a tripod.Only with a tripod,The camera or mobile phone can complete long exposures stably,Shoot in high quality、清晰的照片.

放在地面上?Lean on the support?行吧,But the angle is definitely not guaranteed,In the end, the effect of the film may only be regarded as ambiguous、勉强及格.

快门线——Advanced equipment

A cable release or shutter remote can avoid the slight camera shake caused when we press the shutter,Optimize photo quality,Make the photo clearer,It also facilitates post-processing such as photo stacking,Shoot a true aurora blockbuster.


The low temperature outdoors may cause the battery to become empty,Long exposures are very power-hungry,Prepare an extra camera battery to be foolproof.Otherwise if everything is available、突然没电,那就太可惜啦.


After the equipment is ready,All you need to know is the camera settings parameters.The setting parameters can be mainly divided into the following four parts:快门速度、光圈大小、感光度(ISO)and focus.


Shutter speed is arguably the most important parameter setting for shooting aurora,Just choose the right shutter speed,To capture the most beautiful aurora.
The shutter speed is set according to the intensity of the aurora,Generally required to shoot aurora10-20A long exposure of around seconds,If the aurorae is weak that day,We may need30seconds or even longer exposure times.But exposure is best not to exceed60秒,Otherwise, the stars in the picture will become star trails,affect the final presentation.


The first thing we need to understand is that the larger the aperture,on the cameraF值就越小(如下图),The more light enters the camera, too,Photos will also be brighter.
So in the wild with relatively little light,Using a wider aperture increases the amount of light entering the camera,Better finish shooting.General camera lensFThe value can be adjusted down to 3.5左右,Such values ​​can be used for shooting.

感光度 ISO

Simply put, sensitivity(ISO)Affects the brightness of the photo,ISO值越高,The picture taken will be brighter.Shooting aurora at night does need to be turned upISO值,但ISO值过高,The noise in the photo will increase,The quality of the photo will be poor,So choose the appropriate oneISOvalue is more important.
Shooting the aurora usually willISO调至800左右就可以,This value is also recommended by many local photographers,But the specific situation needs to be analyzed in detail,We still have to adjust according to the actual situation of the night.


Focusing should be relatively unfamiliar to novice photographers,因为在大多数情况下,Everyone uses autofocus(AF),Just lightly press the shutter halfway,The camera can intelligently help you determine your subject,Focusing is performed automatically,方便又快捷.
But when shooting the aurora,The overall picture is too dark,The camera has a hard time focusing,At this time, we need to turn the focus ring,Manual focus is performed.We need to choose to focus on a subject,For example stars、Distant city lights or other objects further away from you,Shoot again later.
Adjust the above four parameter settings,Basically, you can shoot a relatively satisfactory aurora blockbuster.However, these settings and values ​​are for reference only,We need to be flexible according to the actual situation,This is how to become a true aurora photography expert.
The photographers who have photographed the aurora,There are some tricks for sure Share it with us in the comments!
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