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The original god overflow level strategy on the third day of argument the original god 3.0 photo strategy on the third day

2022-09-10 10:18:06Homeless star game strategy

In the 3.0 version of "Genshin Impact", players can use the Essence Agent to stop the super-sensation state when entering the battle challenge, and capture the flaws exposed by the enemy to help the Xumi scholar complete the task.Today, I will bring you the third day level strategy of "Yuan Shen" Yishen Argument, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Day 3 - Defects in biomimetic structures
  • Level objectives: The maximum number of flaws captured in a single challenge reaches 7, the score reaches 1500, and the total number of flaws captured in a single challenge reaches 30
  • All goal achievement rewards: Rough Stone×60, Mora×60000, Yuguang of Scorching Sun Authority×2, Magic Ore for Fine Forging×2, Growth Jade Fragment×1
  • Trial characters (Lv.80): Chongyun, Mona, Kaedehara Wanye, Diona
  • Supersensory skill effect: [Standard effect] 3 ripple fields are randomly generated at the position of the captured enemy, dealing water elemental damage to enemies within the range every 1 second, and the duration of each ripple field is 5Seconds, give priority to attacking enemies with more than 2 captured flaws; [Amplification effect] The number of ripple fields generated is increased to 5, and the water element damage caused is increased
output method suggestion

According to the lineup and super sense effect on the third day, you can use the following style of play: use Diona to hang the ice, then use the Wanye combat skill to gather monsters (if the monsters are scattered, you can press and hold the combat skill) and then explode and spread.After that, use Mona's burst and heavy cloud combat skills/burst group monsters.

Team cycle: Diona burst or combat skill+burst→Fengyuan Wanye combat skills/burst→Mona burst→Chongyun combat skills/burst

Level Skills

First, the first few waves of monsters are the Gilded Brigade, then the Treasure Troopers and the Fools, and finally the relic monsters with the most number/blood, and the most flaws that can be caught.Since the time-stop super sense can be accumulated up to 3 times, it is recommended that the first few waves of the gilded brigade/treasure-thief group and the fools only clear the monsters and do not take pictures. After the time-stop super sense accumulates 3 times, there are two situations:

If there are relic monsters on the field, take pictures immediately (the monsters will get together when they come out), let the relic monsters appear in the camera as much as possible, and then use the time stop super sense to catch the flaws and cause a lot of damage to the monsters.When the wave relic monster appears, it will stop the super sense when it finds a suitable angle and use it again, until it runs out of super sense times.This super-sensing effect is continuous damage, and there may be cases where monsters cannot be dropped in seconds. Pay attention to harvesting the residual blood with Mona in time, and switch to a new wave of monsters to refresh before shooting.

If it is not a relic monster that appears on the field, and there are 1-2 waves of monsters before the relic monster comes on the field, you can use it once to stop the super sense, so as to avoid the overflowing and wasting of the overflowing agent.

Vagrant Star

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