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"Yuanshen" Yishen Argument Day 4 Level Raiders Genshin Impact 3.0 Day 4 Photo Raiders

2022-09-11 15:32:06Vagabond star game strategy

In the 3.0 version of "Genshin Impact", players can use the Essence Agent to stop the super-sensation state when entering the battle challenge, and capture the flaws exposed by the enemy to help the Xumi scholar complete the task.Today, I will bring you the fourth day level strategy of "Yuan Shen" Yishen Argument, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Day 4 - Detuning of Elemental Carriers
  • Level objectives: The maximum number of flaws captured in a single challenge reaches 7, the score reaches 1500, and the total number of flaws captured in a single challenge reaches 30
  • Rewards for reaching all goals: Rough Stone×60, Mora×60000, Iron Talisman of Milin Juanlu×2, Demon Ore for Fine Forging×2, Best Amethyst Fragment×1
  • Trial characters (Lv.80): Yula, Kaia, Fischer, Bennett
  • Super-sensing skill effect: [Standard effect] Randomly drop 3 thunderbolts on the enemy captured with flaws, causing lightning elemental area damage, and give priority to attacking enemies with more than 2 captured flaws; restore 30 elements to all characters in the teamenergy, and reduce the cooldown of the elemental burst of all characters in the team by 10 seconds; [Amplification effect] The number of falling thunderbolts is increased to 5 times, and the lightning element damage caused by the falling thunder is increased; 40 points of elemental energy are restored to all characters in the team,Also reduces the cooldown of Elemental Burst by 15 seconds for all characters in the party
output method suggestion

According to the lineup on the fourth day, the output method can choose to use Yula to stand on the field and other characters to burst and cut the output. The super-sensing effect can improve the cycle rate of elemental combat skills and bursts, so the team cycle is as follows: Kaya/Bennett burst → Fischer's combat skill or burst → Yula long press the combat skill/stand A and then burst to cut people, due to this bloody dog ​​causing damage to the characterHigher, so be sure to pay attention to Bennett's burst cycle to provide blood for the team as a whole.

Level Skills

First, the first few waves of monsters are Qiuqiu people, and then they are all bleeding dogs with the most number/blood, and the most flaws that can be caught.Since the time-stop super sense can be accumulated up to 3 times, it is recommended to only clear the monsters and not take pictures in the first few waves. After the time-stop super sense has accumulated 3 times, there are two situations:

If there are a lot of bleeding dogs on the field, take pictures immediately (the monsters will get together when they appear), let the bleeding dogs appear in the camera as much as possible, and then use the time-stop super sense to catch the flaws and cause a lot of damage to the monsters.When the next wave of bleeding dogs appears, find a suitable angle and stop the super sense when you use it again, until you run out of super sense times.This super-sensing effect is continuous damage, and there may be cases where monsters cannot be dropped in seconds. Pay attention to use Yula to attack the bloody dog ​​first, and then switch to a new wave of monsters to refresh before shooting.

If there are a lot of small bleeding dogs on the field, and the super sense has been accumulated after 3 times, you can use it once to avoid the overflowing and wasting of the epilepsy.

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