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Astrophotographer shares Jupiter time-lapse video: made up of 500,000 photos

2022-09-13 08:27:45Chinese Industry Information Station

The photographer shared that the Jupiter time-lapse was taken throughout the evening of September 7 and 8 local time.Gilmore points out that time-lapse photography is only possible when shooting at very high frame rates.He reportedly shot at more than 60 frames per second and shot in 90-second sequences.

After he finished shooting, Gimore said he put the sequences in AutoStakkert.This allows him to extract the sharpest images so he can avoid any distortion issues caused by Earth's atmosphere.After processing, he selected the sharpest 10% of the frames from each sequence and made a Jupiter time-lapse.

Gilmore says he was able to sift through the best 540 out of about 5,400 unique frames in total.He then merged them into a final image representing the 90 seconds he captured.He then did this for the entire time period he captured.This allowed him to create a clear and beautiful time-lapse of Jupiter.


Jupiter is a spectacular astrophotography target, and it's always a good thing to see new captures of it.

James Webb also recently captured new images of Jupiter, sparking more interest in our neighboring gas giant.In addition, some scientists believe that Jupiter ate other planets, which helped it gain its enormous size.

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