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People who can take pictures, the soul must be so interesting

2022-09-15 23:13:42Horse honeycomb recommended

图 | rmsteckphotography
In has not yet reached their long-awaited destination before,The front is a song.On the way, you'll be singing and moving to the tune of,Go long,Mind is a touching shape.All the journey is a song,The Manitoba four seasons,In a different tone brings different beautiful.
When you are way more walk more far,你会发现,The scenery along the way are more and more beautiful,So you will want to go further,Are you looking forward to appear in front of the other a wonderful,Could make your journey more precious.How many people love the northern amorous feelings,And in northern,又有那么多的“诱惑”Attracted people from all over the world from afar.As with emphasis in northern Manitoba,北极熊、白鲸、The aurora borealis are listed in the minds of tourists.
今天,Is to let everyone know,The most understand Manitoba melody,Is the most concave shape.These beautiful photos,Can let people to the beautiful scenery to extrapolate beyond the lens.
图 | discover_churchill


优雅的背影,No matter what kind of scenery ahead,All have their own feelings.
Long ago someone put forward45°Angle looked up at the sky's theory of photos,This photo looks particularly sad,Has a deep appeal again.The original materials of the polar bear,In this northern tundra above desolate beauty,Can also freely of such literary shoot posture balance.If you met such a polar bear in Manitoba,Only need to quietly taking pictures is good,Don't they think“熊生”.
图 | @zachdoleac & columbia1938
图 | tomasarvid
面朝夕阳,Foot of snow,Lush trees in the winter is still standing tall and straight,If this time try to snow hiking,So such a picture really is very beauty,And of course it is not rule out the back of the polar bear as the same,But learning the polar bear is not recommended play blues style,Such a beautiful picture is more suitable for play only beautiful style.Once in a while from the Angle of inclined rear shot,Also can have different amazing effect.
图 | icecastles_
图 | brooke

See what kind of state to animals and humans are concave to the modelling of the.

To the left to the right to look at,Just don't look toward the front of the.See what kind of state to animals and humans are concave to the modelling of the.
The polar bear for concave shape it seems to never give up,So to take pictures this thing,No one is more serious than the polar bear.After the back look at its side to yan,Handsome irresistible,At this time of the tundra beneath them feeling into a soft sofa,Just like in a leisurely holiday,The polar bear at home watching TV,The appearance of deep into the drama.
图 | rolfhickerphotography
The fox is a kind of biological soul,Through their eyes can see their natural beauty.But in Manitoba fox,还多了一丝英气.The owner of this land has become the harmony with nature wild animals,They are proud to walk on this land,A lot of people think nowhere to put the soul of these here,Luckily we still have opportunity to capture the images of these clever.
图 | hudsonroadphotography
Humans take pictures is also less,After all, the development of modern science and technology not only bring filter skin care,And magic camera Angle.Looked up and appreciate every,Lean side,手臂自然下垂,Can also be hand pockets,Handsome elegant picture,成了!

Who is striking the Manitoba time?

Walking back to look at,回眸一看,Who is striking the Manitoba time?
Beautiful lynx will not let you forget it is also a brave fighter?In the ice and snow is clever and freely,The iconic ears pricked up when looking back,Embarrassing eyes staring at the front,May be the shutter let it alert on the photographer.细细一看,Actually there's still a little bad smile hang in the mouth.
图 | davez906
Is life in Manitoba fox right,Young eyes has a curious about the world of the thick,Beautiful little fox very will find place to enjoy the beauty of the world.
图 | mikemccaf
Snowy owl permafrost and tundra is that home,是的,So Manitoba is habitat home.Only the small lovely point of some special,Sometimes may make you surprised,Because sometimes it's the body back to stand,Head is greeted with a positive,Round head of acme.
图 | onegreatcity55
边走边看,The world is really very nice,Always move in front of the beautiful things,As if walking on the road suddenly was a man called.
图 | samsung3photo

Photo Angle looking for

For taking pictures Angle looking for,These fascinating creatures are implemented to the end,So looking for a face mask to show the small、卖萌,They carry out very thorough.
Little polar bear haven't grow up,Small body also can hide behind the saplings,Don't want to be saplings blocking the lens to focus on,Then through the trees,Convenient the photographer.是的,The deep of already can't use language to describe.
图 | jonhuyer
当然,Live in the same piece of land,Of course are to be such a camera Angle.Body hidden behind a tree,Slightly sideways faces exposed to,Eyes wide open,Ears to leave the country.拍下照片,完美!
图 | prairiefoto
图 | prairiefoto
当然,In Manitoba, taking pictures is not only friendly to these animals,Humans also benefit from the endless,And wildlife photo opportunity,A grasp of is a fantasy version of the met.The birds of the tip of the finger,From the sky and to,Caught a glimpse of the ground the distinguished guests,于是,Specifically to a friendly greeting.
图 | lucashacking
图 | brookemos
重申一遍,这里的动物不怕人,So also to be careful,Don't hurl food.
图 | yvonnestrahovski
As a photo pose guide,Here to show you the similar model under the different effect of polar bears and human.
北极熊 – Pet show MOE type
ZhanLiZhe – Type only beautiful dream
Who fall on the ground – 放飞自我型
Three kinds of modelling are to be flying self,Polar bears are always in the photos show MOE to sell to the realm of ecstasy,After all it is a don't care about the existence of the lens,After all, a polar bear is how to shoot can sprout to foul.
图 | daxjustin
图 | @jr_jurassic
图 | alyalyalyalyaly
那么,If you want to come to Manitoba,What should you take pictures?
In the forest trail
图 | knatez
At the water's edge terminal pat
图 | jer.leee
In the bow shot
图 | muenchmax
Taken on the beach
图 | wildman0

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