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Astrophotographer of the year captures rare, dazzling photos of comets

2022-09-16 09:07:26Chinese Industry Information Station


Organised by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, UK、由Liberty Specialty MarketsSupport and withBBC Sky at NightThe winners of the competition, co-organized by the magazine, were announced Thursday.

“This award is one of the highlights of my astrophotography work,”Rhemann在一份声明中说.“All the hard work that went into making this image a success was worth it. ”

LeonardComets are made byG.J. Leonard在2021年1A long-period comet confirmed by the month,Its discovery was one of the year's astronomical highlights.Planet in the race、in the comet and asteroid category,Almost a quarter of the entries are focused onLeonardon the comet.

评委Melissa BrobbySpeaking of the winning photo:“The stars in the background give the comet's tail a magical look.I could stare at this photo all day.”


Two from China14Year-old boys Yang Hanwen and Zhou Zezhen(音译),Filmed in collaboration“仙女座星系:邻居”The photo was shared for the Young Astrophotographer of the Year award.This image reveals the vibrant colors of the nearby galaxy Andromeda.

Yang Hanwen said:“I think this photo shows our most recent‘邻居’how gorgeous.”

Tournament organizers received from67amateur and professional photographers from different countries3000多张作品.This is the first of the game14年.Shortlisted entries include Harvest Moon rising behind Glastonbury Tower, UK;Reflected by the highest national highway in the world located in Tibet“Galaxy of Light”;One of the most detailed amateur-made maps of the lunar south pole;A partial solar eclipse over Italy;And the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, etc.

The winning images will be displayed at the National Maritime Museum and presented in a book.

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