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wonderful early summer

2022-11-24 06:25:42photography

Wonderful early summer

Jiao Xiaoqiao

"Green locust trees, tall willows and new cicadas swallowing. The scented wind first enters the strings. The green screen window sinks into the water and smoke. The sound of chess startles the day sleep. After the light rain, the little lotus turns.The Qiongzhu is broken but round." This is Song Su Shi's "Ruan Langgui · Early Summer"

The locust tree has luxuriant branches and leaves, the willows are tall, and the new cicadas in the depths of the dark green suddenly stop.The warm wind blows slightly, and under the green screen window, the light smoke of agarwood rises from the incense burner; the comfortable day sleep is suddenly awakened by the sound of chess falling.

After the drizzle, the breeze turned the lotus leaves.The pomegranate blossoms against the wet green leaves are even more red like flames.Slender hands stir the spring water in the clear pool, and the splashed water drops fall on the lotus leaves, like crystal pearls, breaking and rounding again.

This word expresses boudoir life in early summer.Using the method of writing from the reverse side, the vitality of nature is shown with silent paintings one after another.The whole poem is elegant, fresh and full of interest in life.

The first film describes the beauty of tranquility, starting from the sense of hearing, and uses the sound to shape the silence of the environment, forming a beautiful and peaceful picture of early summer beauties;The vitality creates a beautiful and cheerful atmosphere, which is elegant, fresh and full of interest in life.

"Green locust trees, tall willows, new cicadas" are all scenes with early summer characteristics: lush foliage trees, tall willows, and new cicadas in the deep green depths suddenly stop singing, a cool and quiet courtyard environment."Xianfeng enters the string at the beginning" is another climate characteristic of early summer.Nanfeng is a warm south wind.

"The green screen window sinks into the water and smoke, and the sound of chess startles the daytime sleep", enters the indoor description.From the censer under the green screen window rises the curling light smoke of agarwood (that is, sinking in water).The contrast of green yarn and white smoke not only has the beauty of image, but also has a strange fragrance, which makes it appear quiet and elegant.At this time, the sound of the chess pieces being laid on the scale woke up the heroine who was taking a nap.

The quiet environment is enhanced by the sound of chess.And the sound of chess can "shock" her daytime sleep. Readers can imagine that in such a quiet environment, she probably has had enough sleep, so the sound of Ding Ding's moves will wake her up.When I wake up, I don't feel tired, and I don't feel unhappy, which shows that the first summer is clear and pleasant.

The next film writes that after waking up from the girl's dream, she can appreciate and enjoy the natural scenery in early summer to her heart's content.Take a break for two sentences, and write about the surface of the water leaf, the Qiongzhu is broken and rounded again, making it more fresh and lovely."After the light rain, the little lotus turns over, and the pomegranate blossoms are about to burn", which is another summer scene in the garden.

Little lotus has just grown up, small and delicate, after a drizzle, the breeze turns the lotus leaves over; the pomegranate flower is bright red, after the rain, it is even redder like a flame.This vigor and beauty probably intoxicated the young girl.

The heroines written by Su Shi are pure, innocent, carefree, and do not harm unrequited love.She loves life and nature, and is willing to melt herself into the beauty of nature.

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