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2022-11-24 07:53:39photography

In spring, Mr. C planted a chili plant on the balcony, and many small white flowers are still blooming in the early winter.

But I didn't eat a few peppers. It took a long time for Mr. C to be willing to pick one off. For a cook, a green pepper doesn't seem to mean much.

But every time I need green pepper or red pepper as a condiment, I tell Mr. C that I will pick a green pepper for lunch today.Mr. C always felt that I was "threatening" him, saying that his green pepper was for ornamental use, and then hurried to the fruit and vegetable store downstairs to buy it.

During the lockdown period, when the people of Shanghai were growing onions, garlic and green vegetables, two or three green and red peppers hung on our green pepper plant, standing proudly, as if declaring to us: Look, how rich you arewhat!

We are indeed rich. This pepper is an ornamental plant, an occasional seasoning, and our spiritual pillar. It is the plum that Cao Cao "wants to quench thirst".

It has been with us for four seasons.

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