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Thanksgiving, thank you!

2022-11-24 07:53:53photography

The mountain is grateful to the soil, because the soil has made it majestic;

The sea is grateful to the trickle, because the trickle merges into its greatness;

The sky is grateful to the birds, because the birds enrich its connotation;

The earth is grateful to the green tree, because the green tree glows with its vitality;

And I am grateful to have you

Because of you, I can brave the wind and rain and forge ahead;

Because of you, I can go all the way to the blue thread, spring flowers and autumn fruits;

Grateful to have you, stay silently;

Thanks for having you, we are in the same boat through thick and thin;

Grateful to have you, the burden is heavy;

Thanks for having you, my love!My loved ones!My brothers and sisters!

Thank you for having you, the angel and Dabai who silently guard our physical and mental health!


May this be the last cold winter of the epidemic, grit your teeth and get through it, and it will be spring and flowers blooming!

No matter how cold the winter is, it will pass, don't worry, everything will be fine when the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming!

Winter goes to spring, flowers bloom and epidemics disperse, mountains and rivers are safe, and the world is safe!

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