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What makes life better?

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When we have faith in the message we believe, and are absolutely sure that what we believe is the truth, we can't contain the fire in our hearts to share it with others.Because good things need to be shared, not to be kept alone.

What we believe in must become reality.

Friends trust each other, including trusting what each other says.This is easy to understand.Because what you say is true to your word, and you do what you say. It is not that you have to be a giant when you speak, but you are a dwarf when you act.

Some authors said: "The grass will wither, the flowers will wither, but the words of heaven will last forever."

That is to say, we feel normal and helpless when we see things around us are changing, but we must be sure that the words of God will never change. This is the basis of confidence.

When a friend says to do something, out of trust, he will definitely do it. Otherwise, he is not a friend. Then, our confidence in a friend is also based on past actions, not words. Some peopleIf you don't do it, it won't work if you say it later.

All the words spoken by God have been fulfilled, some are being fulfilled, and some will surely be fulfilled in the future. This is the basis of faith.The future can be seen from the history.Many people firmly believe in this, because many people live and work according to the principles set by the heavens, and they will get rewards thousands of times and tens of thousands of times.Life just got better.

We also firmly believe that, with all the benefits of heaven's good news, we are eager to share it with others.

We may often be sad, but there is no need to be sad. We will not be sad when we find the reason. The reason for making people sad is lack of confidence in God.When a person loses faith in his friend, his friend is very sad.There is great strength in trusting each other, and more problems arise when there is mutual suspicion.Mutual suspicion will affect unity and cause division, which is a negative result in one aspect.

We believe that all information comes from heaven, no matter what situation we face, heaven is our shelter and strength.As a certain author said: "Heaven is our refuge and our strength; when we encounter difficulties, we can always get his help."

Because of this guarantee, we don't have to worry, and we will definitely get inner peace.

The author also said: "We are not afraid of changes in the earth, mountains falling and sinking into the deep sea; we are not afraid of roaring sea water, rolling up white wolves, and not afraid of wild waves shaking mountains."He firmly believes that heaven is his shelter and the source of his strength.He firmly believes that if he can get help from heaven at any time and anywhere, he will surely overcome dangers and overcome difficulties, because in his opinion, nothing is impossible with heaven.

Farmers are generally patient in farming, knowing that it is man who sows the seeds, but it is God who makes the crops grow.Without good weather, the seeds will not germinate and there will be no harvest.The growth of all things needs sunlight. Without sunshine, there will be no photosynthesis, and there will be no carbon dioxide absorbed by plants, and then oxygen will be released. There will be no atmospheric circulation and water circulation.

The earth has the function of self-cleaning, not from the earth itself, but from the arrangement of heaven.

If life is to be beautiful, there must be hope. Such hope does not come in vain, nor does it disappear in vain.Because the farmer sows not only seeds, but also hope.The farmer doesn't stop working, and doesn't press the pause button, but because the farmer keeps sowing seeds, he doesn't know which one will bear fruit in the future, whether it is this, that, or both, and he doesn't know when it will bear fruit.

We should be like farmers, with hope in our hearts, we will try our best to practice the principles established by God, be clear about the future direction, and stick to the right path.

Life will become more and more beautiful, because we have hope in our hearts, and we also have anchors. No matter how big the storm is, the ship does not have to be afraid..Our hope is based on firm confidence.With confidence, your vision will be different, and you will be more active and active in seeing problems, instead of passively accepting, and you will not lack the ability and habit of independent thinking. To develop a good habit of independent thinking, to truly become a thinker, you must notFear, do not shrink back, go forward bravely, and do not deviate from the right way when you grow old.

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