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Reflection: Why I stay up late

2022-11-24 08:52:11photography

It turns out that I always go to bed before 10 o'clock in the evening. In order to make money, I force myself to stay up until 22 o'clock!

Nowadays, staying up late has become the norm, and it has affected my life a little bit, and I just have a headache. I want to adjust my biological clock, but I am a little regretful, it seems that it is not working!Sister Meng said that she wanted to replay, why did I stay up late when I replayed:

1. I can't restrain my urge to stay up late at night.

Countermeasures: insist on going to bed early, lie in bed, and reduce impulse.

2. I can't fall asleep even if I lie in bed.It's like going to bed early last night, but waking up too awake in the middle of the night!The dream I had was also very clear. I knew I didn't sleep well. When I woke up at night, my mind was groggy and my sleep quality was not high. Everything I thought in my mind came true in my dream!

Countermeasures: It takes a long time to do things.Although the effect of going to bed early yesterday was not very good, it was better than the day before yesterday.As long as you make progress every day, you win.Come on, I can do it!

3. It turns out that staying up late at night feels a little self-rewarding.I'm too busy and tired during the day, and I don't have time for myself.Only at night, when the world is quiet, that time really belongs to me, and I can't bear to sleep.

Countermeasure: Now that the child is older and she has a mind of her own, I need to let go.After I do what I have to do every day, I immediately do what I want to do, do what makes me happy and happy, pamper myself during the day, and sleep well at night.

4. Originally, I always wanted to look at my mobile phone, because I felt that the reality was too bad, and I always wanted to see hope and beauty in my mobile phone.But those are always fleeting and cannot be grasped, and in the end it makes me a headache.

Countermeasures: Real hard work is real!Really do things that can change your life and make yourself happier and happier.Come on, I can do it!

5. It turns out that the mobile phone is in the bedroom, and I always say that I will go to sleep after watching it for a while, but the result is always pulled by big data, and it is midnight when I look at it.Doing things with willpower is absolutely nonsense, don't test your own humanity.

Countermeasures: put the mobile phone in the living room, it is difficult to pick it up by yourself!You did a great job last night, come on!

6. It turned out that staying up late often blamed myself, and it was very painful. I felt that I was not good, not good!I always make a vow to go to bed early the next day, but I can't control it at night!

Countermeasures: Success is the mother of success.See your progress in time, affirm yourself in time, and encourage yourself!I can!

Come on!

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