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Zen Master Linji's Enlightenment

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Let me tell you another story, and you will understand.Everyone knows that there are only two schools of Zen left, one is the Soto School in Japan, and the other is the Linji School in China.How did Zen Master Linji realize his enlightenment?He has been a monk with Zen Master Huangbo for three years, and he never dared to ask questions to his master. At that time, the first monk saw that he had a good foundation, so he suggested that he go to see Zen Master Huangbo and ask, "What is the essence of Buddhism?" Linji saw the master,Before he finished speaking, he was beaten up by the master with a stick.The chief said: "Go ask again!" As a result, he was beaten again.Linji thought: "I didn't ask about the Dharma. I just made a living for three years. If I asked about the Dharma, I was beaten. Where did I go wrong?"I have no predestined relationship with the master, so I have to go to practice elsewhere." The chief said: "You can go to other places to practice! But a man can't leave without saying goodbye, he should say goodbye to the master first." Linji went to say goodbye to the master,The master asked: "Where are you going?" "I don't know!" His master smiled and said, "I agree with you if you want to go, but don't lose your way. There is a Zen master Dayu in Gaoantan, you go to him., probably can solve your problem.” When Linji arrived at Gao’an Beach, he met Zen Master Dayu, and Dayu asked him, “Where did you come from?” He said, “From Huangbo!” “Why did you leave Huangbo, he is DashanKnowledge!" "I asked the Dharma three times and was beaten three times. I don't know what is wrong with me?" Dayu said, "Your master is exhausted in order to make you fully enlightened, and you still come to me to ask if you have,Nothing wrong?" Upon hearing Linji's words, he suddenly understood.What did Linji realize at that time?Tell me about it.(Dr. Xing's answer: The subject of life who can perceive and perceive.) The meaning is very close, can you condense it into one word?(Dr. Xing did not answer.) That's it, you condense it into one word, don't say it publicly, lest they take advantage of it.(Everyone laughs) On the contrary, it is to prevent them from being fooled.(Laughing again)

—— Excerpted from "Gengyun Jiepululu"

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