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2022-11-24 09:13:57photography skills

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The German drama "1899" is finally finished. It is a hodgepodge of "Inception" and "Gravity".For prison works, the scene can be anywhere, so the modern version of "Hamlet" does not violate the original work at all.

After watching the biographical film "Lamborghini", the interesting scene is that both Lamborghini and Ferrari are driving the car race created by themselves, just like John Thomson, the inventor of the Thompson submachine gun, and Kalashnikov, the inventor of the ak47, compare gunsThe scenes are the same, full of legends, and the reality itself is more exciting than the film and television works.

From the beginning of the third world, movie websites recommended by friends are frequently used. Movies and TV dramas are windows to the world.Comparing history with reality, people's thinking is still stuck in the Warring States period, and there is a fierce collision with the rapidly developing high-tech era.

"No Questions about the West" Painting (Oil Painting·Ink·Digital) Series No. 953 The Solidification of Fire 2022

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