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Poetry Sharing 112

2022-11-24 10:00:00life journey

        "The Poem of Washing Children"

Song·Su Shi

Everyone adopts a son who wants to be smart, but I have been fooled by being smart all my life.

May the child be foolish and reckless, and come to Gongqing without any disasters.

Parental love is the most selfless, greatest and longest love in the world!In ordinary life, they use hard sweat, fearless bravery, strong backbones, and tenacious spirits to reap meager hopes, but they do their best to support us with a warm and happy home!

"You raise me up, and I grow old with you", no matter how busy you are, you should always go home and have a look, because there are parents who care deeply and look forward to it for a long time.Even if you sit there and don't say anything, they have a lot of fun watching.Maybe they will continue to nag, please don't be upset.If one day we can no longer hear those nagging, perhaps only tears of regret will be left for us!While time is still lazy, while relatives are still joking, cherish it.

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