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2022-11-24 11:33:40life journey

原创:芳水      【文字家园】

All see hu wen fu did not then chased asked his mother and brother to come home,As if my mind is the great stone finally fell to the ground.

All things wen opened the quilt,Continue to lie down again.He is waiting for after hu fu change my clothes out from the bathroom,Concern for him.

装病,Is there feel that the only safe way to.

Hu fu took a set of relatively new suit,Go to the toilet to replace the school teachers to work in the stipulated time must wear work clothes.

Hu fu will through the work clothes in the washing machine to wash,回房,Will see all things have already from leaning on the bed,To lie on the bed,一动不动.

“有文,How do you sleep again?Are you not going to eat dinner with us?”

“哎,嗯……,I'm very dizzy,整个人都很不舒服.你们去吧,Eat just give me some food packaging back!”

Hu fu near the edge of the bed,Will hand on the forehead of text can be,Tried all of the temperature.

“Your temperature is normal,没有发烧.If you really don't feel well,Then you can stay at home to rest!”Hu fu after trying all article forehead temperature,Slowly say to him.

“嗯,Could you help me cc to say.”All text deliberately to pretend that he creeped out.

Hu fu didn't respond,Turn round and then took a handbag hanging behind the door,开门出去了.

All text tilted my head to see the quality,Hu fu go,His heart can finally put down to the.

All text in bed,竖着耳朵,Carefully listen to the sound of the living room.Only hear the sound of a few strange and hu fu suddenly far in conversation,Then I heard the door and door shutting.

All text in bed,Listen carefully for a few minutes again,Hear the quiet of the sitting room.

All text a big turn up,赤着脚,Crept toward the door to listen to a,Or did not hear any sound.

All things, opened the door,See also crowded living room in the afternoon,At the moment is empty,A figure or not.

A few orange lamp,The light is faint.

All things, suddenly remind of that one million CAI li card,Pillow also not packed,Immediately the direction of the barefoot ran back to the bed to.

All text pulled out from under the pillow that CARDS,Kissed the bank card a,Then the degree of a walk in the room to find suitable for the location of the hidden card.

All article will know hu fu like precious items,In the small interlayer on the bedside table.

All text can't put,He was looking for a hu fu never found that place.Only good card,That would make him feel safe.

All of the eyes,In his room around the 7749 times,He finally found a he thinks a safe place.

All article will be carefully bank card into his room air conditioning hang up at the back of the mezzanine.

He lamented the besides air conditioning home want to change,Who is that also found him hiding inside card.

小气的人,Always have a strange stingy action and strange shan gorge idea.

All text patted his heart,终于放心了.

Wonhee dragged hu fu arm,One of the NianLia as Gu Xing pedestrians,Such as on the outside of a luxury car.

The Gu Xing no and wonhee together in the same car,But confessed after good assistants and driver,And again wonhee and hu fu said:“I'll go to arrange it,Later we meet at the hotel!”

Of Gu Xing politely with that,Take a car parked in front of the first to leave.

After the leave of hu fu see Gu Xing,Softly ask wonhee:“茜茜,你考虑清楚了吗?婚姻是一辈子的大事,Are you sure must be placed in the side of wine to get married?”

“妈,为了肚子里的孩子,I really have no other choice!”

“茜茜,Your pregnancy is not terrible.If you want to have this baby,That you gave birth to the,I help you to keep together.You don't have to lock yourself in a marriage I do not know the future,More don't need to put your life,Not sure on the difficult position.”

“妈,我知道,I am also consider for a long time to make this decision.If a child born after the,Mr Gu for a divorce,I also will agree that.”

“小茜,Because mom was young.There are a lot of things to consider is not mature,It was the brain a hot,To repay,Decided to marry your father.Over the years you also see the fact that,虽然这么多年过去了,But our marriage,Let us have a don't happy!”

“妈,I know you don't divorce over the years,也不走,都是为了我.I am adult now,You can choose to have you ever thought of life,There is no need to force yourself.”

“傻孩子,我说你呢,How do you on the other hand I?I have more than 50,It doesn't matter on marriage and life,But you are so young,Do you have the right to choose better.”

“妈,Before I and Mr Gu to get marriage certificate,Have signed the agreements.I don't want to use my misfortune,To bind the child is born,And bring the child after birth there are still various problems in.”

“小茜,That you wanted to get rid of our children,是吗?”

“妈,Once I wanted to get rid of the.I really don't want to use the belly children tied up marriage,But if the doctor said if I don't the child,My future will not be able to be a mom.”

“Silly cc,The child in your belly,He is also a life,How can you not he?”

“我知道.妈,It's in just know pregnant,Scare,When flapped in the idea of.”

“茜茜,After you get marriage certificate,What do you think of Mr Gu of any changes to your attitude?If he just for the children,When you're birth machine,That you really don't need to put wine here.”

“He is the boss of guggenheim group,He told the guggenheim company employees are both good,Or I can't do anything in the company a few years.”

“I asked him to you?Not ask for the staff of his company,你懂不懂?茜茜!”

“I am pregnant after he knows,He is very care for me too.妈,I know there is a lot of differences between us,But for the children,I am still willing to make every effort to.”

“嗯!傻孩子,I hope your future happiness.I don't want you to like me,拼尽全力,Also can only be on……”

这个沉重的话题,Let wonhee feel oneself live hu fu.Wonhee don't want to hu fu sad,Change the content of a communication.

“妈,Mr Gu said grandma and uncle in the afternoon to our home,But I did not see them.What you say them?”

“They sure it's not a good thing.I began to ask your dad,He says his mother and his brother didn't come.”

“Why do you say Mr Gu said they came in the afternoon,But father but he did not admit it?”

“Your father must be hiding something!他那个人,Brain work,Also wants to learn how to lie.哎,Is really stupid!”

“妈,You said they would not find Mr Gu want money together?”

Hu fu after a long time to say:“很有可能!Especially his mom,Even my salary she want to take to,How much more will you come back so much pomp again”

“Wait for dinner,We ask Mr Gu.如果他没给,那就好;If he gave,妈,You should also know where the money is.”

Hu fu nodded his head.

Hu fu and wonhee in the car,Whispers have been home every man is a variety of character.

The driver with ears,While listening to the hu fu with useful information in the wonhee words.

助理AHad told the driver,He must find out to wonhee and hu fu the conversation in the car.

How to realize affairs development,Pay attention to the follow-up more wen!

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