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【Talking about writing】Experience is close to oneself

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The experience is close to itself

Once I spit in the bathroom, it was red.

I was startled, and then I was dizzy, and the scene of Lin Daiyu vomiting blood flashed by.

A minute later, it occurred to me that I had just chewed some goji berries.

In this short minute, I experienced life and death.

Experience is ubiquitous, it is close to itself.

This is closer than I went to the disaster area in Sichuan

When I went to the disaster area, I was almost killed by falling rocks.But I don't seem to feel it.But this time, I felt it.

Living to die is actually a profound truth. It doesn't mean that people will die so they can live well. That's not what it means.But life and death go hand in hand.

In fact, literature is life, otherwise it is a word game of separation.Writing itself is survival, half an hour of writing is half an hour of real life.

So the experience of the work is everywhere.This extends to all aspects, and the breath of life is everywhere.

It is not easy to know this truth.Because it is not the truth that can be seen clearly at a glance.

Ordinary people have no way to communicate in this way anyway, and feel that it is not suitable.

If you experience "experience" in this way, you will have depth in your writing.Experience is the hardest to explain, but the closest.

If the experience is not immediate, it is not the breath of life.

There is a process of gradually grasping experience, which may not be possible at the beginning, Experience can easily become perception.But from time to time immersing yourself in writing before writing, the experience will become clear.It is not an alien, but a manifestation of its own life.

The reason why an image is emotional and meaningful is because it is life, feeling, and experience.The nearest thing is the most proper source, and there is nothing nearer and nothing further.

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