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Zhou Er's Essay Forty-Five

2022-11-24 17:41:46photography

On the second day when YQ was locked at home, I thought about whether I should relax or use this rare time to seriously recharge during this suddenly empty day.The result is that today is the same as yesterday: brewing a pot of Tieguanyin and drinking it slowly, playing games for most of the day with more wins and fewer losses; the rest of the time is washing clothes and cleaning, and then sighed about ten times during the period.

Before I knew it, I seemed to be tired of the days of doing nothing and being free and undisciplined in the past eight years. I actually started to like being busy in my heart, and I liked to use kinetic energy to replace more endless thinking about life.On the other hand, when you are very busy and wonder why life is so hard, it is good to have more rest time for yourself.

"Learning without thinking will lead to nothing, and thinking without learning will lead to peril."", "This heart is bright, knowledge and action are united"... These words and phrases often appear in the mind, people want to learn and make progress, but for the ideal of self-help decision in the heart, or the desire under the turbulent crowd?What is the boundary between ideal and desire?

Thinking of the YQ wave seven months ago, I started writing, dubbing, taking selfie videos to practice speeches, reading, and insisting on exercising at home. I hope that after work, I can be in a good state with ease.I have been working for three months now, and although I work harder, I still doubt the meaning of all struggles from time to time.Perhaps, a better state is to adapt to the changes in one's own heart, and not to evade inner doubts, mental thinking, and subconscious laziness, just as in the legal world, what needs to be borne after rights and obligations is responsibility.You can rest, you can struggle, you can be anxious, you can be fulfilled, you can do whatever you want, as long as you can take responsibility for everything you did yesterday.

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